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NEWS UPDATE: Itunu: Buhari govt under fire over death of Nigerian in Cote D’ivoire

NEWS UPDATE: Itunu: Buhari govt under fire over death of Nigerian in Cote D’ivoire

The federal government and also Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Compensation, NIDCOM, Abike Dabiri are presently under attack over the fatality of Itunu Babalola in Cote D’Ivoire jail.

DAILY article had actually reported that Itunu that was incorrectly billed and also imprisoned died last night after getting a concealed infection.

Remember that Gabriel Odu, the compensation’s Media, Public Relations and also Protocols Device police officer, in Abuja, had actually verified that Itunu was wrongfully billed and also jailed for a criminal activity she really did not devote adhering to a collection of examinations.

NIDCOM at regarding 8 months ago guaranteed to do every little thing to secure Itunu’s release after the situation was offered their focus.

Nonetheless, the compensation fell short to protect the launch of Itunu prior to her fatality.

This has actually mixed responses from Nigerians that revealed frustration in Buhari federal government and also it’s absence of worry for human lives both house and also abroad.

Below are some remarks collected by DAILY ARTICLE;

@Dipo “I have actually simply invested a couple of mins checking out Itunu Babalola’s tale. The temper on the TL versus the federal government is warranted. The consular office might have obtained her out. This is truly extremely unfavorable.

@DrOlufunmilayo” 23yr old Itunu was incorrectly jailed and also imprisoned in Cream color Coastline in 2019. Her tale and also her discomfort came to be nationwide conversation after David Hundeyin tweeted regarding it. Abike Dabiri and also this wicked govt guaranteed to act 8 MONTHS AGO.They deserted and also ignored Itunu. Abike Dabiri especially guaranteed to obtain entailed and also iron out this problem.However absolutely nothing was done.
She was ignored, deserted and also delegated rot. She’s DEAD currently.”

@ArinzeOdira” If Itunu was an American, she would not have actually passed away behind bars in an international land. Nigerians are looking for public relations in various other nations due to the fact that it appears we position no worth on human life down here.Besides granting agreements and also walking around with SUVs and also DSS authorities, what else do our leaders do?

@Williamsxl2″ She does not birth a Fulani name so they rejected to make her situation an immediate one. There’s a criterion to their candid rejection to act upon her situation. Bear in mind the Kano lady that was nearly eliminated in Saudi Arabia for medicines? This regimen aided release her.”

@Nellycrowns” Precious Lord, might I never ever remain in the circumstance where my liberty and also survival relies on the treatment of the federal government of this nation.”

@MikeDavidson” The other day, I keep in mind Obasanjo, I’m not his follower however man will not permit any type of Nigerian to be abused anywhere.Someone informed me that a Nigeria key is worthless in Ghana, you can not utilize it to accessibility anything, not also acquiring a sim card. This federal government is absolutely unaware and also rude.”

@Von_bismack “Itunu’s fatality reveals an overall failing of administration and also drive of this management. Individuals will certainly state that we must not politicize it till you are the one captured up by this federal government’s inertia and also absence of direction.This federal government failed her. Nigeria failed her.”

@AbdulMahmud01 “It’s just a careless federal government that cares little for the people abroad. Even worse still, it is just a careless federal government that does not give consular aid for its people abroad. Nigeria fails its people.
Itunu is the most recent instance of that failing.”

@DemolaRewaju” Understand that every failing of federal government eliminates the Fire of Nationalism in People, one candle light at once. Itunu Babalola really did not simply pass away alone– her fatality has actually offed the light of hope in those that risked to think that simply possibly this moment, Nigeria would certainly show up in a different way.”

@Nkemchor” Nigeria is a nation that essentially preys on its individuals. Nigeria does not offer you anything instead it extracts from you. If you are fortunate, it will certainly not be your life. Currently Itunu is dead. Titan of Africa without a doubt!

@Ayemojubar” Itunu was not from Arewa like Zainab, so what do you anticipate? One nation, 2 systems.”

@Kdenks” The fatality of Itunu is yet one more factor to lament the state of ECOWAS, the globe’s worst supranational union. A supranational Union that has actually improperly observed standards on job authorizations, hardly has local profession, which usually goes in the direction of imprisoning people of various other nations.

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