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NEWS UPDATE: It’s unfair for southerners to demand 2023 presidency after ruling for 13 years – Northwest PDP youths

NEWS UPDATE: It’s unfair for southerners to demand 2023 presidency after ruling for 13 years – Northwest PDP youths

The youth wing of the Peoples Democratic Political party (PDP) in the northwest has frowned at the southern governors for insisting Nigeria’s president must come up from the due south.

It totally condemned in strong terms the political party’s choice on zoning the chairmanship of the political party to the due north.

The PDP youths explained that the due north is yet to finish its term of the presidency under PDP, explaining that former President Goodluck Jonathan completed belatedly President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s tenure and went ahead to run his have foremost term at the expense of the due north.

The Coordinator of the PDP National Youth Wing, northwest zone, Ibrahim Ahmadu, in a statement in Kaduna famous that the due north must finish its outstanding terms of business office, vowing to resist anything less in 2023.

According to the statement, “The recent coming together held by Southern governors and the demand that the next President should come up from the Southward would be met with stiff resistance and vehemently rejected.”

The youths insisted that democracy is in relation to equal representation with concerns for fairness, justice, and fairness.

The statement said after 13 years of reign in the presidency, southerners are still demanding for presidential ticket come up 2023?

It explained that southerners have enjoyed 13 out of the 16 years of PDP regulation in Nigeria, saying that former President Olusegun Obasanjo ruled for 2 terms of business office (8 years), former President Goodluck Jonathan ruled for a term of 4 years and completed belatedly President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s remaining one twelvemonth in business office (5 years).

The youths famous that the structure of the PDP stipulates 2 terms for whatsoever political business office holder, pointing out that belatedly Yar’Adua only spent 3 years before his expiry in business office.

The PDP youth wing explained that it would work and mobilize political party members across the due north to halt the passage of resolutions at the national conference scheduled for Oct 30th and 31st in Abuja.

The youths said they are battle-ready to scrap what they called “this injustice and insensitive choice” and resolutions in the involvement of progress and justice.

The statement said the PDP is known for grassroots governance and fair democratic choice, saying that they are willing to preserve the positions ahead of the 2023 full general elections.

The statement called on all political party members to rising upward and say no to zoning the presidency to the due south once more, stressing that northerners, in specific, should come up together and speak with one vocalism to ensure justice is done.

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