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NEWS UPDATE: I wasn’t asked to marry my late husband’s elder brother – Widow disclaims report

NEWS UPDATE: I wasn’t asked to marry my late husband’s elder brother – Widow disclaims report

A businesswoman, Eleojo Daisy Egirani, has denied a study claiming that she was compelled by her in-laws after the passing of her spouse to get married her belatedly spouse’s elderberry blood brother.

A study in the media (Not DAILY POST) tagged, ‘’ Domestic Violence in the Society,’’ had claimed that Egiranyi shared her ordeal with a platform, where she was alleged to have also claimed that her belatedly spouse’s household members insisted on marrying out her girl at the age of 12.

The reason, according to the study, was that she had no male person fry for her belatedly spouse.

The study claimed that ‘’A adult female suffers these abuses when she loses her spouse and she is subjected to all forms of human degradations, an instance is a lady who was tortured, physically abused and all worth not, Mrs. Daisy Egirani who shared for the world to know what a lot of women go through but are afraid to come up out to verbalize on their experiences and the funniest thing is that when the issues are taken to the appropriate quarters, it is handled as section of life.

‘’She had a 12-year-old girl for her spouse and after the expiry of her spouse in Oct 2020, her spouse’s elderberry brothers and uncle came upwards to her that her girl and only fry must follow the tradition by getting married at that tender age (12).

‘’Once again she, the female parent of the miss will have to acquire married to the spouse’s eldest blood brother because she did not bear him a male person fry. Her spouse’s properties were forcefully taken from her, leaving her bare with nil to demonstrate to her girl when she is of age.”

The study farther claimed that she reported the matter to the constabulary authorities but that it was considered a household matter, ‘’with no actions taken to address the abuses on her and her girl.’’

But the lady in enquiry has at present come up out to deny the narrative in the writeup, disclosing that she had no thought what was published and had at no time granted an interview to anybody regarding her purported ordeal.

The adult female, who is still mourning her spouse, in a disclaimer sent to DAILY POST disassociated herself from the study saying, ‘’I, Eleojo Daisy Egirani assumes no responsibleness and disassociate my self and the Egirani household from the publication or article in the content of the platform. The information contained in that article is untrue, maliciously used, and mistaken, without accuracy and information untrue.

“I have never been a victim of domestic violence either when my spouse was alive or after his expiry.

“Right from inception, I have ever maintained a good human relationship with my spouse’s household and there has never been whatever cast of disagreement.”

She appealed to the public to totally disregard the study, urging the media and the public to observe her privacy and allow the household to mourn the dead in peace.

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