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NEWS UPDATE: I see rice sold for N45,000, border crisis – Primate Ayodele releases prophecies for Nigeria, others

NEWS UPDATE: I see rice sold for N45,000, border crisis – Primate Ayodele releases prophecies for Nigeria, others

The head Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has delivered new predictions and alerts concerning Nigeria and some African countries.

Primate Ayodele uncovered that he anticipates a line emergency in some African nations which will influence the cost of fundamental wares among other prophecies.

He spread the word about it that the nations will scowl against deregulation, and for Nigeria, the cost of imported rice will go up to N45,000 because of the boundary emergency that will come up between the country and Benin Republic.

Primate Ayodele’s predictions were contained in an articulation gave on Wednesday by his Media Office.

According to the priest: ”There will be a line emergency in some African nations which the Lord has shown me. Nigeria and the Benin Republic will have issues which will influence deregulation between them, it will require the mediation of ECOWAS to be settled. This will influence wares and the cost of rice will go up to N45, 000. Let the public authority of these nations settle the emergency when it comes up for the citizens.

”Zambia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Mali, Kenya, Sudan won’t permit streamlined commerce in their lines. They will have issues with their boundaries. They need to appeal to God for God’s tranquility in these nations, I see them in genuine crisis.”

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The minister likewise cautioned the Kenyan Government against pointless assaults in the impending political decision, requesting that they petition God for God’s mediation in any issue that might need to undermine the security of the country.

He said: ”There is a political decision coming in Kenya. The public authority ought to supplicate against superfluous assaults that will undermine the country’s security.

”William Ruto will do everything to fight Jaramogi Odinga yet the last will utilize detail to fight the previous. The political race will be extreme, let them supplicate against political deaths and killings. On the off chance that Odinga functions admirably in the northern part, He will get it, if not, offer it to Ruto.”

In Uganda, Primate Ayodele cautioned President Museveni to deal with his tactical association since he anticipates that they need to capture his administration halfway and sign a superfluous security agreement.

”Uganda president should not unwind, the resistance needs to make his administration unruly. He needs to re-put together his military else, they will catch his administration halfway. They will consent to superfluous security arrangements for certain nations. The president will be blamed for defilement. He will be sold out and disarray will shake his bureau, He should be pious not to be deprived. Leave him alone vigilant,” he said.

In Sudan, the prophet gave a prediction concerning the popularity based interaction, encouraging the president to be careful so his arrangements won’t boomerang.

He said: ”Sudan will attempt to make another administration and the current president will need to guarantee a vote based government works. He should be cautious so it will not boomerang. Southern Sudan should be cautious against assault, the popularity based interaction will keep on confronting difficulties however the MOU will go as concurred. The president should be pious and attentive against rebel attacks.”

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele cautioned all African nations to be cautious with how they request support from outside nations as he predicts the nations taking difference in African government in fact. He additionally cautioned against slavery.

”African nations will sell themselves out by requesting unfamiliar help as far as security and economy. They will utilize detail to manage Africa. I see bondage ascending in certain pieces of Africa however the worldwide local area will battle it, we should be extremely cautious and watchful.”

Continuing, the godly man gave more predictions for other African nations, ECOWAS, African Union and others.

He added: “Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde should be cautious about psychological oppressor assaults. The leader of Cape Verde should be devoted with the goal that he will not confront a genuine crisis.

“Mozambique will have political difficulties, they ought to ask against fear monger assaults. Burkina Faso will have a significant fear monger improvement, they should petition turn away this danger.

“ECOWAS ought to ask not to lose anybody among their officials

“AU will confront difficulties, I am seeing another pioneer for AU. They should supplicate not to lose the Prime Minister, delegate PM, president and bad habit president.

“The Benin republic president won’t go briefly term. There will be a significant emergency in the country which the president should be cautious with so it will not heighten. They ought to supplicate against pointless killings.

“Chad President should be careful about startling assaults and should watch out. They need to assault him in regards to the temporary government

“The South African president will make some extreme memories going briefly term, it will be exceptionally hard for him.

“There will be issues between the decision gathering and resistance in Rwanda, the president will confront a significant disarray, they will put forth a major attempt for the monetary endurance yet the president’s work won’t be valued, allowed them to supplicate against explosion.”

Primate Ayodele releases fresh prophecies for Kenya, Mali, Chad, other African countries

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