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NEWS UPDATE: I begged Messi not to embarrass me – Theo Walcott reveals

NEWS UPDATE: I begged Messi not to embarrass me – Theo Walcott reveals

Everton star, Theo Walcott has reviewed how he asked previous Barcelona commander, Lionel Messi, not to humiliate him during a match among Arsenal and the Catalan club.

Walcott is tragic that Messi may never play in the English Premier League as he arrives at the finish of his career.

‘I’m very pitiful we will not will see him in the Premier League,” the previous Arsenal man revealed to talkSPORT following Messi move to Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday.

Messi finished an exchange to Ligue 1 on Tuesday after Barcelona last week declared that the 34-year-old will presently don’t remain at Camp Nou because of some monetary issues.

“I was fortunate I had the option to play against him in that popular group of his,” Walcott added.

“I simply feel like for our age, him going to the Premier League would have been the what tops off an already good thing going to appreciate him at PSG and I’m certain he’ll will play against English teams.

“I recall that he had a corner and I said: ‘Kindly don’t humiliate me’, and he wound up passing the ball back

so I tackled my work!” Walcott recalled.[for a short corner] from

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