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NEWS UPDATE: How we tackled bandits, kidnappers in Bauchi North forests – Hunter

NEWS UPDATE: How we tackled bandits, kidnappers in Bauchi North forests – Hunter

Ahmad Muhammad Kwara, a younger blood brother to the tardily famed hunter and offense buster, Ali Kwara, says he is next in the footsteps of his blood brother by collaborating with the Police force to clear forests in Bauchi Due north senatorial district of bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers, cattle rustlers and other criminals.

Kwara, who revealed this during an interaction with journalists, said the displace was not only to ensure peace but also to strengthen socio-economic activities in the area.

He informed that after the demise of his tardily blood brother, Ali Kwara, the household met and decided that his humanitarian activities, including philanthropy, fighting crimes and criminals, as good as his businesses not be allowed to die with him.

Piece the deceased son took over his businesses, he as the younger blood brother was picked by the household to take upwards the scrap against criminals where his blood brother left off.

“After the decease of the famed hunter, the household held a coming together on how to succeed his humanitarian activities in fighting offense and criminality and his businesses. His eldest son, Mohammed Kwara, is overseeing his businesses, patch I, his junior blood brother of the same male parent and female parent, succeeded him in the scrap against all forms of offense and criminality.

“In fighting offense and criminality, we agreed to start from home. We entered the forests around our areas and cleared all remnants of bandits, kidnappers, cattle rustlers, armed robbers and other criminals from the forests.

“With the back up of Policemen from the Inspector Full general of Police force’s (IGP) business office and Bauchi Province Police force Command, we jointly entered the bush and cleared them and other flashpoints in the area within the finally one yr when my blood brother left this world,” Ahmad Kwara informed.

He said the clearance surgical process was aimed at making certain that bandits, kidnappers and other criminal elements from neighbouring states did not infiltrate forests and whatever other parts of the senatorial district.

Kwara explained that since he and his squad started, they had arrested over 50 criminals who the police force prosecuted and are at present in jail.

He expressed happiness with the successes recorded through the articulation efforts with the police force saying, “we are happy nowadays our forests in the northern section of Bauchi Province are release from criminal activities.”

Kwara, notwithstanding, said, having succeeded in tackling crimes and criminals at the home forepart, he and his squad were at present ready to extend their operations to other states to assist in combating criminal activities.

He said his squad was currently working in Katsina Province from where he said it would proceed to Zamfara Province, adding that presently the squad would get into the Lame Burra Game Reserve in Bauchi Province.

“We are planning to also carry out a major surgical process in Lame Burra Game Reserve in Ningi and Toro Local Authorities Areas of Bauchi Province,” he said.

He expressed commitment to contributing his quota to ensuring an finish to the current insecurity in the country.

He said, “We are doing our best to mitigate it (insecurity). We are committed and determined to scrap bandits, kidnappers and other criminals.”

He so called on Nigerians to render his squad, the police force and other security agencies with useful information capable of assisting them to arrest criminals, adding that the people should also back up him and others with prayers to succeed in bringing dorsum peace to the solid ground.

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