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NEWS UPDATE: How Nigeria can overcome its present challenges – Osinbajo

NEWS UPDATE: How Nigeria can overcome its present challenges – Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said that the only way Nigeria can overcome its nowadays challenges is when Nigerians unite as one people.

Osinbajo said citizens at home and in the diaspora should promote the message of one country, noting that “anybody who looks at how Nigeria operates will recognize that we are superior off in this system, and that is the truth.”

The Vice President stated this on Saturday during an interactive session with top officials of Nigeria’s High Commission in the UK, held at the Abuja House residence of the High Commissioner in London.

According to the VP, “Yorubas are not superior off on their have, Igbos are not superior off on their have, the Due north is not superior off on its have. We are superior off as one land, that is why we are strong and that is why we can face the world.”

Still emphasizing the dot in relation to unity, Osinbajo famous that “everywhere in the world nowadays, people are coming together to shape stronger units, they are not breaking upwards, this is not the time to break upwards.

“Whether you read the economics of smaller nations, they are looking for ways of how they can go stronger by aligning with other nations. How does a country with all the potentials and everything that we have, think that the best way is to break upwards?”

Speaking farther, the VP explained that “we are at a dot in time in our history where we have security challenges, we have economical challenges, and whether you utter in relation to security, there are so many dimensions to it.

“Whether you seem carefully, all of these could happen to whatever regime and I think we are in the really best place to solve the problems that face us nowadays.”

“Security challenges that we have didn’t exhibit upwards in one daytime, but it is the regime, the people, the men and women that will grip them.

“We happen to be that regime, and I am really convinced that we are alone capable of handling it. I think we are in the best possible place to solve these problems,” Osinbajo added.

In improver, the Vice President spoke in relation to the popularity and credibility of President Muhammadu Buhari, identifying it as a crucial factor in galvanizing the entire system in resolving the challenges.

Osinbajo said: “the President is maybe the most pop Nigerian politician that we have ever had in generations. He is maybe the only individual who can go into a location or somewhere without bossing people to gather and they will come up and take heed to him speak.

“We demand that level of credibility to be able to solve problems in our country. And I think because of his level of credibility, despite everything, he is still the only one that can phone everyone, and fifty-fifty people who do not necessarily hold with him know that he is a man of his words.”

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