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NEWS UPDATE: How God used me to heal one of my ex-girlfriends’ son – Pastor Adeboye

NEWS UPDATE: How God used me to heal one of my ex-girlfriends’ son – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor E. A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church building of God, RCCG, has revealed how God used him to heal the son of his ex-girlfriend who was born crippled.

Adeboye, during a sermon in his church building, admitted that he lived a unsmooth life piece he was still an unbeliever, stressing that he was unable to count his girlfriends.

According to Adeboye, who is one of the most reverenced Christian clergymen in Nigeria, one of his ex-girlfriends who unfortunately gave parturition to a cripple, was shocked to view him as a pastor when she came to church building seeking for a spiritual solution to her son’s wellness crisis.

The renowned clergy stated that though the adult female could not believe in his new life, the son was healed after a simple prayer.

He said, “I have shared with you before my testimony that before I became a Christian I was rotten, I signify real rotten. I had everything needed to be rotten. I was a sportsman, I was a cameraman, I also had one or 2 things.

“I ended upward having so many girlfriends I couldn’t think the number. But there was a specific one that we did everything together, and I have told you that what we did together is none of your business.

“But after some time she went her way and I went my way. I was transferred to the Academy of Ilorin and after some time her possess spouse was transferred to Ilorin, they had given parturition to a tike that was born lame.

“So when they arrived in Ilorin, I was lecturing in Ilorin and I was also pastoring our little church building in Ilorin. Someone told her that there is a pastor that God is performing miracles through him, take this tike to him.

“Whether he prays for this tike the tike will walk. She came to the Mission house and she asked for the pastor and they brought her to my business office, she opened the door and we greeted and she said “I want to view the Pastor”, I said “Yes! Can I aid you?” she said “Yes! I want to view the Pastor”. I said I am the pastor and she said “You are the pastor?” I said yes! She said, “you will pray and God will respond?”.

“We prayed a simple prayer and the tike walked. Whether whatever man is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed absent and behold all things have go new. Alpha can take tending of your past times”.

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