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NEWS UPDATE: Group accuses NCMM of trying to frustrate FOI ACT

NEWS UPDATE: Group accuses NCMM of trying to frustrate FOI ACT

The leadership of the Media Rights Agenda (MRA) on Monday accused the National Commission of Museums and Monuments (NCMM) of working circular the clock to frustrate the public right of access to information as good as its statutory duties and obligations under the Liberty of Information Human activity.

In a statement made available to DAILY POST in Taraba Province, the MRA’s Programme Managing director, Ayode Longe, said “the state of affairs with NCMM) is genuinely a national scandal and represents everything that is wrong in Nigeria. ”

Such conduct by a public institution, “making a mockery of the federal authorities’s claim to obvious and accountable governance he said serves only to take the authorities into disrepute.

A few weeks agone, the Commission was said to have written to the international centre for investigative reporting (ICIR)in Abuja demanding N200,00 to reply to the ICIR’s FaoI asking for a listing of projects implemented in the Commission.

”A Commission which ought to be actively “trying to attract tourists, historians, archaeologists scientists and students amidst others by proactively providing them with information is the one operating the most abysmal information and communication practices,” Longe said.

Longe said not only has its institutional website been downward and inaccessible for at to the lowest degree several weeks at present” but has also ” refused to supply information to those who have made requests for information under the FOI Human activity .”

He also famous that in 2017, when some other non-governmental organization, Public and Private Evolution Centre (PPDC), made a asking to the Commission under the FOI Human activity on its public finance expenditure records, it took the Commission over 60 days to reply to the application, although the Human activity requires it to do so within 7 days.

“Over the in conclusion 10 years since the FOI Human activity came into forcefulness, the Commission” according to him “has intentionally breached or disregarded every responsibleness legally on imposed on it by the Human activity as it has consistently refused to submit an annual study to the Attorney-Full general of the Federation for 10 years.”

He said the Commission failed to designate an FOI Desk Officer, spurned the mandatory requirement for it to proactively release 16 categories of information; neglected to supply appropriate preparation for its officials on the public’s right of access to information, amidst other infractions.”

He said despite the mandatory provisions of Subdivision 13 of the FOI Human activity, the Commission has not if appropriate preparation for its officials on the public’s right to access to information or for the effective implementation of the Human activity over the in conclusion 10 years as required by the Law.

The Commission in inquiry was said to have been established by the Federal Authorities in 1979 to care the collection, documentation, conservation and presentation of the national cultural properties to the public for education, enlightenment and amusement.

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