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NEWS UPDATE: God angry with Nigeria, we may not get right leaders – Primate Ayodele

NEWS UPDATE: God angry with Nigeria, we may not get right leaders – Primate Ayodele

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Tuesday said God is irate with Nigeria because of the unfairness in the legal executive system.

Primate Ayodele, who faulted the legal executive framework for a portion of the wrongs as of now knowledgeable about Nigeria, said the nation may never get the right leaders.

He said Nigeria would keep on decaying because of the supposed shamefulness by the judiciary.

The minister said the legal executive framework has offered influence to some unacceptable individuals since Nigeria has embraced the legislative issues of money.

In an assertion by his Media Office, the pastor clarified that Nigeria is encountering difficult situations because of foul play across the nation.

Citing models, Primate Ayodele alluded to the Imo State Supreme Court judgment that made Hope Uzodinma legislative head of the state notwithstanding coming fourth in the election.

Also, on the Okigwe Senatorial Election that was held last year, which saw nobody announced champ until in the not so distant future, Primate Ayodele clarified that the legitimate champ of the political race was the applicant of the PDP, Emmanuel Okewulonu, on the grounds that the decision party had no up-and-comer and the person who has been proclaimed as the competitor has affirmed authentication embarrassment however the legal executive favored offering triumph to the decision party because of governmental issues of money.

Furthermore, he asked Nigerians and the legal executive to halt from participating in governmental issues of cash if the nation should move forward.

He said: “Except if we stop the legislative issues of cash in Nigeria, the nation will keep on falling apart on the grounds that some unacceptable individuals have been given influence. The legal executive has assumed a colossal part in offering influence to some unacceptable individuals in any event, when they know it however the affection for cash has made bad form encompass the country.

“Due to the unfairness in the land, things occurring in Nigeria right now are normal since God isn’t generally content with such countries. In Nigeria, on the off chance that we don’t stop the legislative issues of cash, we won’t get the right chiefs who will view us in a serious way, Nigeria will proceed to deteriorate.

“For model, Imo state is a contextual analysis for the bad practices in the legal executive framework. The current lead representative, Hope Uzodinma came fourth in the governorship political decision but since of the legislative issues of cash, the legal executive framework figured out how to announce him victor of the political decision, we as a whole can perceive how Imo state has gotten unmanageable for the lead representative because of radicals, killings, assaults and other social vices”

“In Imo north senatorial area, the legal executive framework pronounced Frank Ibezim as the champ of the bye political decision that occurred in December 2020 while, it has been affirmed that he has disparities in his declaration. The decision party had no contender for the political decision and the up-and-comer of the PDP, Emmanuel Okewulonu ought to be pronounced champ yet the legal executive fizzled on account of the legislative issues of money”

“Nigerians and the legal executive framework need to stop from this demonstration of governmental issues of cash assuming we need the nation to push ahead or there will be consequences, we will continue to encounter hardship.”

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