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NEWS UPDATE: FOMWAN decries increase in social vices in Nigeria

NEWS UPDATE: FOMWAN decries increase in social vices in Nigeria

The Federation of Muslim Women Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN) has explained why social vices such as insurgency, kidnapping, yahoo yahoo syndrome are on the increment in the country.

The organization said social vices are on the increment because many women have abandoned their roles.

It, nevertheless nonetheless, advised that Nigeria will be a superior location to live whether women will ascent upwardly to their God-given responsibilities of channelling a Godly and fruitful path for their children.

FOMWAN National Amirah (President) Hajia Rafiah Idowu Sanni in a statement issued in Abuja to score Nigeria’s 61st Independence anniversary, maintained that the society is experiencing moral, spiritual and mental bankruptcy because most women have failed in their divine duty as the firstly school for their children.

She maintained that social vices and social problems are on the increment because a bulk of women have abandoned their duties in the household.

Sanni in the statement made available to DAILY POST on Monday said women are supposed to be the firstly teachers for their children but most of them are not there for the children at home.

“Women are supposed to be the firstly schools for their children and their laps that should serve as the firstly classrooms in which their children would firstly learn the rudimentary knowledge of life are no longer available because of the search for materials of life.

“The state of affairs in the Country is suggesting that women are failing in their responsibilities because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was reported to have said that whether women are good the society will be good and it will be devoid of evils.

“Unfortunately, women have abandoned their celestial and domestic duties. We at present run after worldly things.

“We at present compete with the menfolk at the expense of our homes. Mothers are no longer available to educate their children.

“The final result is a society that is total of evil and evildoers.

“Social vices are widespread amid the youth, the elderly and fifty-fifty the leaders.

“Most of these agents of devastation and criminals have mothers. We demand to do to a greater extent to rid our society of evils”.

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