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NEWS UPDATE: Fire consumes popular factory in Iwo

NEWS UPDATE: Fire consumes popular factory in Iwo

There was a flaming outbreak at Rabsih Imec Nigeria Limited, a pop manufactory in Iwo town, Iwo Local Regime area of Osun Province on Dominicus.

The inferno, according to eyewitness started in the morning time and affected the manufactory badly.

The eyewitness also confirmed to DAILY POST that the source of the flaming could not be ascertained because of the urgency of putting it out.

He revealed that the inferno had been set out by the combined efforts of the Osun Province Flame Service, Iwo and concerned individuals but not after doing considerable harm to the manufactory and equipment.

Efforts to acquire both the Spokespersons of the Osun Province and Federal Flame Services to comment on the incident proved abortive at at press time.

Also, efforts to acquire the possessor of the manufactory to speak with this medium proved futile.

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