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NEWS UPDATE: Femi Fani-Kayode: A blow to the butchers of our people

NEWS UPDATE: Femi Fani-Kayode: A blow to the butchers of our people

In the most recent couple of weeks there has been an exceptional and annihilating invasion on the executioner desperados and dangerous fear mongers of North Western Nigeria.

Zamfara state has been the model case and other North Western states including Katsina, Kaduna, Sokoto, Jigawa, Kebbi and Niger state have taken the signal and have additionally ascended to the occassion.

What the Governors of these states have done has been rousing and has carried desire to a great many individuals all around the North and for sure all around the country.

They have marked the scoundrels as psychological oppressors, they have removed their provisions and supply lines, they have removed their correspondence organizations, they have liberated huge number of hostages, they have killed and caught many psychological oppressors and they have dispersed their phones and activities and put them in dissaray.

I have addressed innumerable individuals in the North West in the course of the most recent multi week and no less than three families whose kids and family members were delivered from bondage and there is a profound positive feeling that finally something is being done.

Hope has been reestablished and the way that the Governors of these states are taking the fight to the entryways of the fear mongers related to the DSS, the Army, the Airforce, the Nigerian Police Force and the wide range of various security and Intelligence offices has demonstrated that once there is a solid determination and the political will to take care of uprising and illegal intimidation there is consistently a way.

For this work we should recognize every one of the Governors of these separate states and especially the Governor of Zamfara, the Heads of all our Security Agencies, the tactical Service Chiefs and President Muhammadu Buhari himself.

It is occupant upon us to empower the Federal and State Governments when they get things right and to support our security offices and military when they the develop the fortitude and take up the drive and battle the shrewd that has tormented our property similarly as we must disclose to them when they get things wrong.

I genuinely trust that the Governors of the conditions of the South and different parts will likewise develop the political will to take the kind of intense measures that have been taken by the North Western Governors to save lives.

One of the most creative and successful measures that has been taken which is interesting to Zamfara and which I hear will likewise be presented in a portion of the other North Western states at the earliest is the closing down of all correspondence networks inside the state.

This has completely disabled the fear mongers and their hijacking tasks and it has worked wonders.

The truth that the Hon. Min. of Communcatiins, Professor Isa Pantami, can execute such measures at the command of the Governor of Zamfara and help in this manner says a lot for him

No other Minister has managed a weighty hit to the fear based oppressors in the course of the most recent six years and none has developed the need to keep moving to do so.

No matter what anybody says, they can’t take this from Isa Pantami. On this matter he has done very well indeed.

The truth that this action and strategy alone has managed a final knockout to banditry and hijacking in Zamfara and the main thing left to do is to send in the security powers to kill the psychological militants which, I have been dependably educated, they are currently doing with relative ease.

Pantami has done well here and few can deny it. I laud his mental fortitude as I do Matawalle’s.

Those thst accept that this strategy should be ended and that need the correspondence lines reconnected at the earliest can best be depicted as the adversaries of Nigeria and the companions of terror.

They try to sabotage our security, partition our nation, benefit from dread, shed the blood of the blameless and end the existences of our kin for no cause.

They need to return us to the dim long periods of unchallenged fear and massacre and they wish to push our country over the edge and into the repulsive fiery blaze of a second considerate war.

Worse still they are specialists of unfamiliar Governments what agenda’s identity is’ to completely annihilate our nation and transform us into the chuckling syick of the world. We know what their identity is and we will uncover them soon.

For now we should zero in on empowering those thst are making the best choice, that have ascended to the occassion and that have taken the bull by the horns.

I will stand side by side with anybody or any gathering of individuals that will battle the fear based oppressors and send them to damnation where they should be and that will look to save the existences of Nigerians and reestablish harmony and mental soundness in our land.

Kudos to every one of those engaged with this honorable drive and to those that are as yet shifting back and forth I say the following:

Wake up, ascent up to the occassion, develop a few balls, enter the field of fight and hold hands with others paying little heed to party association clan or confidence and let us save Nigeria together.

May God help us all.

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