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NEWS UPDATE: Eye care: Ophthalmologist reveals strategies to avoid blindness

NEWS UPDATE: Eye care: Ophthalmologist reveals strategies to avoid blindness

An Osogbo based Ophthalmologist, Dr Roberts Chika has advised that proper optic checks and personal understanding of a individual’s optic are positive cues to assistance in the prevention of optic diseases and ailments that are associated with the optic, which may direct to blindness.

Speaking with DAILY POST in Osogbo, the Ophthalmologist revealed that proper optic tending was tantamount to having and enjoying good vision for a life time.

He famous that non-observance of proper optic tending and taking notes of some signs on the division of individuals are the major causes of optic defects and diseases prevalent in the country.

Spell revealing that the optic ages also as the body ages, Dr Chika explained that it was normal for the optic to start showing signs of strain over time but that proper optic tending and seeing a professional person straightaway an abnormality is observed are keys to preventing unnecessary emergencies as regards eyesight.

According to him, signs and symptoms that should be watched out for in tell to to forestall optic defects includes, blood in the eyes (bloodshot optic), white/pale conjuctiva (anaemia), blood spots (diabetes complications), itchy swollen red eyes (allergic reaction).

Others he stated included, dryness of the optic (resultant of some drugs and over exposure to screens), seeing visible radiation flashes across the optic (sign of indifferent retina) and appearance of white rings in the optic which is indicative of high cholesterol levels.

“With observation of these, it is advised that the private reckon a qualified Ophthalmologist as a skilled healthcare provider can reckon a lot to a greater extent signs in the optic including cancers, nervus problems with the employment of specialised medical equipment.

“Most cases of blindness is based in the fact that these signs generally presents itself early but due to lackadaisical mental attitude, poverty, laziness and ignorance on the division of Nigerians, they never tending to care for and take preventive measures until such cases go irreversible.

“At the stage they are ready to take activity, the job becomes complicated and handling also becomes expensive,” he said.

Spell advising people that are 40 years to have an optic check annually, he urged those with existing wellness issues similar high blood pressure level and diabetes to check their eyes quarterly and also promptly care for whatsoever issues early in tell to avoid losing their sight.

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