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NEWS UPDATE: Enrique Refoyo: Betrayed, but still standing; the “lion cub of Panjshir” fights on

NEWS UPDATE: Enrique Refoyo: Betrayed, but still standing; the “lion cub of Panjshir” fights on

The Taliban’s fast capture of Afghanistan is a definite replay of what occurred there 25 years prior, but in a “speedy view” mode. Actually like then, at that point, revolutionary Islamists have figured out how to oversee the whole domain of the nation, aside from the Panjshir Valley and its environs. It was there that piece of the military, who didn’t care for living as per middle age rules forced by the Taliban and al-Qaeda, fell back to. Furthermore, it is the place where the double-crossed “lion offspring of Panjshir” – Ahmad Massoud Jr., the child of the unbelievable head of the Northern Alliance, is currently battling. Time will show on the off chance that he can turn into a lion, very much like his father.

The Panjshir Gorge is something other than Afghanistan’s passage to China – it is additionally a zone prevalently populated by Afghan Tajiks. Afghanistan is an ethnic interwoven with Tajiks generally living in the North and Pashtuns – in the South. Up to this point, numerous ages of Afghans calmly coincided for quite a long time. No more. The Taliban are generally ethnic Afghans or Pakistani Pashtuns. Numerous Arabic-talking fanatics from al-Qaeda and ISIS, who have shown up from Syria and Iraq, have united with the Taliban. Allies of Massoud and the piece of the military that stays faithful to the vote based administration of Afghanistan, driven by previous Vice President Amrullah Saleh who, after the trip of President Ghani on a plane weighed down with cash, proclaimed himself the country’s legal new pioneer, are generally Tajiks. There are numerous others in Afghanistan, who would prefer not to live heavily influenced by revolutionary Islamists, be that as it may, however it is the Tajiks who have turned into the Taliban’s main enemy.

Saleh and Massoud are the two Tajiks, similar to the native occupants of Panjshir. The Taliban would prefer not to rehash the misstep they made 25 years prior, in light of the fact that it was from this mountain valley that the Northern Alliance troops dispatched a hostile against Kabul back in 2001, which, coincidentally, was caught with little ground support from the worldwide alliance powers. This time, the heads of the Taliban and their partners will attempt to get out the agitator regions regardless. Even more so since the fast capture of Panjshir would exhibit to the entire world that the Taliban is fit for leading mind boggling and enormous scope military tasks rather than essentially entering deserted cities!

Why doesn’t Massoud surrender and swallow the Taliban’s trap? It’s straightforward: he realizes without a doubt that extreme Islamists are arranging an absolute slaughter of the hard-headed valley. The Russians didn’t contemplate this when they battled the lion whelp’s “father,” yet for revolutionary radicals, this is ordinary conduct. Also, Panjshir is a moderately prosperous area, which has for quite some time been saved the abhorrences of war thus it very well may be an optimal spot for Afghan and Pakistani Pashtuns to get comfortable. Neighborhood inhabitants would either kick the bucket or escape to overpopulated and ruined Tajikistan, passing on their homes to new proprietors. That is the reason Massoud’s kin are battling for their lives and their adversaries are sending their break units to the valley. However, the Taliban’s tactical polished methodology actually comes up short. Yet, as per a few sources, following their first misfortunes the extreme development went to their Pakistani partners, who truly need to quick track the making of an immediate passageway from China to Afghanistan. The tactical activity is currently being facilitated by Pakistani counselors, and the Taliban “fighters of Islam” are as a rule effectively helped by Pakistan’s ordinary uncommon powers. How long can the National Salvation Front hold out against experts and robots, given the Taliban’s practically boundless arms reserve and their mathematical superiority?

Especially since Washington’s new approach opposite the Taliban is currently a significant issue for the safeguards of Panjshir.

Indeed, by giving up the country to the Islamists, the Americans remembered them as debatable accomplices. The White House even portrayed the Taliban as being “totally unique” from the 2001 psychological militants. The new rulers in Kabul are currently depending on global acknowledgment and are even prepared to imagine that they look for an exchange with the entirety of the country’s political powers. Shooting performers and killing previous workers of US army installations highlight the specific inverse however, yet the West is prepared to overlook this. All things considered, the Taliban permitted a serene departure from the Kabul air terminal. In this manner, the extreme Islamist pioneers offered Massoud Jr. also, his allies harmony talks, proclaiming their preparation to give the National Salvation Front several seats in the government.

If the safeguards of Panjshir had consented to such conditions, they would have been incapacitated and disposed of. The Taliban chiefs were very much aware of how their proposition would be seen. The main motivation behind why they made the deal was to show everybody their craving to haggle to accomplish worldwide acknowledgment quickly. Indeed, the Haqqani Network, a Taliban partner, started battling in Panjshir without trusting that the final offer will terminate notwithstanding the way that Massoud and his allies had not deserted the exchanges and proposed their nominations for the new government. This didn’t agree with the Taliban, of course.

However, assuming liability for the Panjshir Gorge has never been a simple matter. Massoud retaliated and even went in all out attack mode. His allies in Andarab revolted and held onto various central issues. By the morning of September 4, the propelling revolutionary radicals had been cut off and caught by the powers of the National Resistance Front with Massoud reporting the deficiency of 1,200 foe fighters.

This didn’t keep the Taliban from declaring the total catch of the territory only two days after the fact, subsequent to having basically removed Panjshir region’s all connects to the rest of the world. Regardless of whether this data is altogether obvious stay an unavoidable issue, however such an explanation permits the Taliban to seriously assume control over the entire of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Tajiks are by all account not the only ethnic minority prepared to confront the Taliban. A similarly unenviable destiny anticipates the Uzbeks, who represent just about 10% of the nation populace. They even have their own chief, a battle general, and presently Marshal Dostum, who, in contrast to Massoud Sr., considered in the Soviet Union and served in the public authority troops of the old republic. With the dad of the “lion offspring” they then again battled one another or went about as partners, joined by their scorn of the Taliban. The issue is, in any case, that in mid-August the old warrior unexpectedly escaped to Uzbekistan alongside his dedicated units! Albeit an exceptionally questionable figure (get the job done it to make reference to his supposed preference for liquor, which is untouchable in a country with Islamic practices), Dostum is extremely well known in the non-Pashtun north. In any case, the onetime saint of the country’s freedom development has vanished from the media’s radar, albeit, along with Massoud Jr., he could attempt to ensure the Uzbek areas of Afghanistan. Dostum has never been a weakling, which he has more than once exhibited on the front line. What made him, in spite of his high position, escape the country with cash and individuals faithful to him? Some US ensures too?
Along with the “lion fledgling,” Vice President Abdullah Saleh, an ethnic Tajik, is the just one prepared to share the destiny of his kin. Their National Resistance Front can hold out in the chasms of Panjshir for seemingly forever even in the states of current conflict, however not endlessly. The expert Pakistani military, flying corps and UAVs can essentially abbreviate the hour of their obstruction. Be that as it may, with the loss of the National Resistance Front the world would confront another extraordinary destruction, yet the West won’t have the foggiest idea about this. All things considered, the data bar of Panjshir has as of now ended up being very successful, permitting the Taliban to discuss their triumphs. Having purged the country from ethnic minorities and “agitators” the New, fanatic Afghanistan will focus on their neighbors, in light of the fact that, in spite of its affection for ethnic purifying, revolutionary Islamism knows no boundaries…

That said, al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and the Taliban all see their main goal in the formation of a worldwide Caliphate, while showing scorn for the religion and convictions of Europeans and Americans. In this way, whoever haggles with them, Afghanistan will turn into a safe house for the individuals who will readily rehash the occasions of September 11, will kill free writers, convey self destruction aircraft to schools and places of worship in still prosperous European countries!

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