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NEWS UPDATE: Emmanuel Onwubiko: We are all Benue IDPs

NEWS UPDATE: Emmanuel Onwubiko: We are all Benue IDPs

“Demagogues onslaught their critics in harsh and provocation terms- as enemies, as subversives, and fifty-fifty as terrorists.” (HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE: WHAT HISTORY REVEALS ABOUT OUR FUTURE BY STEVEN LEVITSKY & DANIEL ZIBLATT).

“We are all animate being but all animals are not equal.”
This typical saying was one of the earliest things I had to read from some novels during my school days in the Secondary school of the 1980’s. Nevertheless nonetheless, when I began to read in relation to the contemporary daytime politics in Nigeria and began working and fifty-fifty had a stint in a federal authorities’s funded agency:- the National Human Rights Commission, I came face to face with the reality that perhaps that saying that all animals are not equal was really a depiction of who a Nigerian is.

For a fact, Nigeria is inherently and fundamentally dysfunctional and distorted because the people who rule the Country have ideologically willed that Nigeria should never work as a constitutional democracy. Those who command the different layers of political governance particularly at the highest echelons of the federal administration have built the mindset that all Nigerians must never be treated every bit.

This is why when the and so military machine dictator Full general Sani Abacha wanted to write the structure preparatory to the get out of the military machine out of governance, he loaded the commission with Northerners who really implanted a lot of provisions that are meant to destroy the rule of fairness and equality.

For instance, the 1999 structure which was written by selected persons who were commissioned by Full general Abacha, decidedly gave Kano Province the highest number of House of Representatives members. The Kano parliamentarians to the Federal House of Representatives are to a greater extent in number than those of the entire 5 Igbo States set together fifty-fifty when the population of Igbo speaking people is not less than 60 million.

It would seem the drafters of that distorted Structure in application at the instant, used the criterion of earth mass to allocate membership to the National Assembly’s lower legislature.

That aside, the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari to powerfulness in 2015, has brought into focus the notoriety of nepotism and tribalism. This current administration has lowered the bar and has so made political governance to seem similar the village coming together of the Fulani ethnicity. Muhammadu Buhari sleeps and wakes upwards thinking in relation to cows and nil else. He has undermined National security by failing to halt murderous gangs of Fulani people from invading Nigeria from Niger and Republic of Chad, killing, maiming and destroying lives and asset of largely Christian farmers. With over 6,000 farmers murdered in common cold blood by Fulani armed herdsmen but not one of these mass killers are in prison house. Muhammadu Buhari has a government minister of Justice Abubakar Malami who confessed to my group- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA that he has no example file on the killings by armed Fulani herdsmen and so is not ready to prosecute them for the genocides committed in many parts of Nigeria with Benue Province having the largest chunk of the casualties.

The current President decidedly loaded the strategic portfolios and political positions including the defence sector with his people the Moslem Northward of Fulani/Hausa.

But the area in which the saying that all animals are not equal is in the workings of the Federal agency that provides reliefs for victims of disasters known as National Emergency Direction Agency (NEMA) which is headed by a Moslem Northerners and controlled by the ministry building of humanitarian affairs and catastrophe direction headed also by a Fulani adult female.

In the distribution of relief materials, NEMA has get rattling notorious for diverting 90 percent of the relief materials to the Northward East. Disasters affecting other parts of Nigeria are normally not treated the same way as the man made catastrophe of terrorists attacks of the Northward East of Nigeria.

Benue Province is one location that terrorists made upwards largely of armed Fulani herders have made the most devastating negative impacts. Nevertheless nonetheless, NEMA is hardly noticed in the different internally displaced persons camps in Benue Province.

This systemic and systematic exclusion is not just a moral criminal offence but constitutes a criminal offence against humanity and President Muhammadu Burai’s attending should be called to it so a fundamental redress is made.

By the way, the bulk of the IDPs are farmers whose farms and housing assets were blown upwards by the rampaging armed Fulani militia who are higher up the law in the thinking of the current Federal authorities that is dangerously pro-Fulani.

To drive home this dot, perhaps the Benue Province governor saw no other way to limited his angst but to usage the analogy of how the problems of IDPs incapacitates him from fully playing his spouse bed time role to his beautiful married woman.

Governor Samuel Ortom late bemoaned the perennial displacement of residents across Benue, saying the plight of people living in camps for the internally displaced has been giving him erectile dysfunction.

At a public function near the working capital Makurdi, Mr Ortom said President Muhammadu Buhari and special duties government minister George Akume have failed to back up him in his combat against killer herdsmen, working against the involvement of Benue people instead.

Mr Ortom said there was “no way as a leader” would he sense comfortable knowing that thousands of his people have been displaced from their villages by killer herdsmen who were on a conquest to take lands from indigenous Benue settlers.

“Fifty-fifty when I am on top of my married woman and I retrieve the people who are in IDP camps…” Mr Ortom said with a break for photographic camera effect. A male person vocalisation in the audience and so helped him to conclude his sentence, saying “It goes level,” to which the governor and so responded with a grinning.

Mr Ortom has been locked in tearing political confrontation with Mr Buhari and his appointees next his choice to implement a ban on open grazing of cattle by herders of Mr Buhari’s ethnic Fulani stock.

The president has insisted that he would not back up a ban on open grazing and tried to strength states to bow to the federal authorities on the appropriation solution to the crisis, which has left thousands killed and untold harm caused to assets and livelihoods since Mr Buhari assumed business office in 2015.
The president has faced criticism for pushing the involvement of herdsmen piece showing little sympathy to victims of their brutality, including from members of his ruling APC. He has vigorously denied the claims and said his administration has implemented a series of security, administrative and financial solutions to mitigate the crisis.

On some other level we read correctly that the Benue Province Regime has over again called on the Federal Regime to homecoming the millions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their ancestral homes to avert recruitment of vulnerable inmates by terrorist groups.

Executive Secretarial assistant of the Province Emergency Direction Agency (SEMA), Dr. Emmanuel Shior, raised the fears late, piece briefing newsmen in Makurdi, during the distribution of food items to 8 IDP camps in the province.
Shior maintained that the humanitarian crisis caused by marauding herders to communities in the province was colossal and devastating piece expressing disgust that the Federal Regime had not extended its gesture in the Northward East to Benue.

He alleged that some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) were rather playing politics with the issue.
“The IDPs have been with us for the past times 3 years and there is a demand to homecoming them to their communities. But some people, for parochial reasons, are accusing Governor Samuel Ortom of masterminding the killings, which is not true. We don’t play politics with lives.
“A grouping of APC members is the ones peddling this mistaken intelligence. They are using this gimmick to cover their failures at the national level. They are acting on the premise that Ortom is PDP and they are APC. But the governor is responsive and cannot afford to forcefully homecoming IDPs to their ancestral homes without adequate security,” he said.

The humanitarian crisis in the camps, Shior added, is a large burden on the province, which reportedly spends hundreds of millions of naira monthly to procure food and other needs.

According to the SEMA boss, based on the governor’s directive, the activities of the agency would keep to be obvious.

The Guardian gathered that food items distributed to the various camps included bags of rice, beans as good as noodles.
On why Tse-Yandev army camp has no SEMA staff managing it, Shior said, fifty-fifty as the army camp was beingness managed by volunteer groups, SEMA was intervening from time to time.

At the army camp, there are many weary faces – from the aged to distressed mothers; all worrying in relation to what to eat with their families and how to educate their children, a state of affairs that gets tougher with each passing daytime.

Feeding is a major challenge for the IDPs. Due to the big population at the army camp, the authorities’s food supplies are never plenty. To supplement this, some of the IDPs resort to cooking almost-spoiled or perishing food items sourced from dealers in the local market place.
“For the issue of food, the authorities is trying,” says Campsite Manager Consolation Alugah. “But the authorities cannot satisfy everybody.”

Mrs Alugah attributes the challenge to the population at the army camp which she set at 43,344.

In terms of wellness tending, the Mbawa IDP army camp has a maternal and nestling wellness clinic operated by Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF).

The clinic has been providing tending for the babies delivered in the army camp and their mothers, with assistance from the Benue Province Ministry building of Health, ensuring safe delivery after months of antenatal services. The HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA is indeed happy with the Benue Province governor and his administration for carrying the matter of the neglect of the IDPS on his top dog and ticker. We call up on the NATIONAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY to honor the constitutional principles of fairness and equality of opportunity and rights and deliver qualitative and quantitative relief materials to the thousands of Benue IDPS or we will challenge their criminal abandonment of the Benue IDPs at the Benue Province High Judicature so we expose this systemic and systematic crimes against BENUE IDPS. Plenty is plenty!


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