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NEWS UPDATE: Ekiti has returned five schools to missionaries – Fayemi

NEWS UPDATE: Ekiti has returned five schools to missionaries – Fayemi

The Governor of Ekiti Province, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has disclosed that his regime has in the lastly 2 years returned 5 public schools to missionaries for effective direction.

Fayemi, notwithstanding, assured that his regime would make some other 5 model colleges to replace those that had been returned and at present beingness managed by private bodies.

The governor spoke in Ado Ekiti on Fri spell commissioning a model school named after an elderberry statesman and former Chairman, Standing Commission for the Formation of Ekiti Province, Principal Deji Fasuan.

Fayemi disclosed that the model school, built along Ado-Afao route, was named after Principal Fasuan to promote role modeling and imbue the younger generation with patriotic spirit exhibited by the beneficiary throughout his life.

Speaking glowingly of Fasuan, the governor said: “I knew him(Fasuan) in relation to 46 years agone. His house shared a boundary with the Christ’s School, which I attended. We all knew the role he played for the creation of Ekiti province. Those of us who had governed the province would know how he persistently troubled us just for the sake of Ekiti.

“He is one personality that will commend whatever you do good and itemise areas of inadequacies, just to ensure evolution”, Fayemi stated.

Fayemi added that his regime is zealously committed to the transformation of education and has zero tolerance for abandoned projects, assuring that every projection started by his regime and ones inherited would be completed before exiting business office.

“Education sector was in dire straits when we came 3 years agone. But we have carried out reforms similar introduction of liberate education upwards to secondary school ,payment of WAEC fee, abolition of education levy, payment of counterpart funding worth N7.6b from 2015 to 2021 and ensured regular running grants to schools and payment of teachers’ salaries,” he said.

“We also returned some schools to original owners based on requests. We have returned Christ school, Ado Ekiti, Annunciation Secondary School, Ikere, Mary spotless Secondary School , Ado Ekiti, Saint Louis Secondary School, Ikere, and Saint Augustine Secondary School, Oye Ekiti”.

On the model schools, Fayemi disclosed all the 4 colleges built in Ado Ekiti have lineament facilities, teachers, toilets, laboratories, basketball game tribunal facilities , and others that will guarantee lineament education to children.

“I seek the cooperation of parents and teachers by registering their children in schools, because not registering children of school age is an offence against the Province Tyke’s Rights Law. We know teachers are role models to their students and that is why we create your welfare a precedence, so create judicious exercise of this facility,” he said.

The retired Permanent Secretarial assistant, Principal Deji Fasuan, who appreciated the gesture, said: “I am sitting before you nowadays in appreciation of siting this school in this location apart from naming it after me when I am still on this side of the split up.

“I could recollect betwixt 1946 and 1951, when I had to carry my loads on my chief, trekked on this path from Afao to Ado Ekiti and risked beingness killed by animals and beingness drowned by the Elemi river that crossed this path. I am happy that I am still alive to advatage from this radical modify.

“People from Afao, Are and Oke Ila in Ado Ekiti will advatage from this school. Many parents are already queuing upwards in my home everyday to lobby to have their children enrolled hither and this shows the value they placed on this facility and I commend the regime for this lofty initiative.”

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