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NEWS UPDATE: E-transmission of election results: More reactions trail exclusion as Nigerians berate NASS

The National Assembly has kept on getting reaction over its inability to incorporate the electronic transmission of political decision brings about the passed Electoral Amendment Act Bill.

DAILY POST reviews that both the Senate and House of Representatives last week passed the Electoral Amendment Act, yet erased the electronic transmission of political race results.

In his response, the Senator addressing Plateau North, Istifanus Gyang, depicted the refusal by the All Progressives Congress Senators to admit
electronic transmission of political race brings about the Electoral Act Amendment Bill as scoring an own goal.

The administrator additionally said their activity has put them on some unacceptable side of history, as they have denied the country a chance to “disinfect and offer believability on the electing process”.

Gyang anyway said, himself alongside PDP Senators except for just two, casted a ballot for the above arrangement which obviously upholds “electronic democratic and electronic exchange of political decision results. Representatives of the APC went against and casted a ballot against the proposal of the panel as contained in Sec 52(3) of the report”.

The official, who is the Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Defense, further expressed that, “The refusal of the APC Senators to pass the arrangement of Section 52(3) was an own objective which has put them on some unacceptable side of history and denied the country a chance to disinfect and give validity on the electing process”.

Nigeria elections: Blocking e-transmission of results is coup – Moghalu, TBAN warn NASS

Also speaking, Comrade Japhet Philip La’abes, a common society lobbyist, said, “This choice will end in the chronicles of everlasting infamy.”

He said, “It is very dishonorable that administrators who should know better have decided to bypass the standards and letters of popular government of which they are major beneficiaries.

“This level of exemption, knavery and defilement by these Armageddon legislators should be opposed head-first by the Nigerian people.

“How would lawmakers be able to make laws that are conflicting with the desire of individuals and the constitution they have committed to protect?

“Nigerians should ascend to this test. On the off chance that we need great administration, we should be believed to be dynamic members in the majority rule measure. Suppose no to dumbfounded and narcissistic pioneers”, he admonished.

In his response, a common society expert, Comrade Pwakim Jacob Choji, said, “It simply shows the situation in the country. It affirms our apprehensions about the current inhabitants of the National Assembly.

“The names of the individuals who casted a ballot against electronic transmission ought to be put in the corridor of disgrace so ages unborn should realize the individuals who botched the chance to better the significance of their assessments as revered in the election.

“Remember that, the discretionary transmission would have recently been one issue done to leave the following gathering with the weight of tending to other issues.

“However, regardless of whether they had supported the e-transmission, to the extent the onus actually stays on the president to consent to it, that bill wouldn’t have come around”, he maintained.

According to him,”We need to get to a level that joint goals of the two houses ought to be a law as opposed to consistently rush to the president whose particular force can reject the goal of 469 chosen representatives”.

Comrade Gad Peter, a common society lobbyist, while responding to the activity of the National Assembly, said, “A few individuals from the National Assembly can’t have an independent mind, don’t counsel those that send them there, and just adhere to the directions of their gathering, which frequently is hostile to people.

Peter said, “Their new choice on Electronic Transmission of Result was an exceptionally helpless choice and non progressive.

“INEC had said they have the limit, ‘We have the limit with respect to electronic transmission of results, we have transferred results from distant regions, even from regions where you need to utilize human transporters to access’.

“Nigerians should interest for the transmission of the results”.

Both APC, PDP senators voted against electronic transmission of results – Lawan

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