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NEWS UPDATE: Direct primaries would foster youth participation in democracy – Gbajabiamila

NEWS UPDATE: Direct primaries would foster youth participation in democracy – Gbajabiamila

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has said, direct primary was a good thought thought that allows youth participation in democracy.

This is against the backdrop of the transmission of the electoral amendment bill to the executive arm of regime on Fri for assent.

He said, there should be a deliberate sweat to prepare the children and youth of Nigeria to go the leaders of tomorrow.

He said such efforts must include involving them in governance and expanding the democratic space to accommodate many immature people.

Gbajabiamila, who was speaking at the National Children’s Dialogue to score the 2021 Universal Children’s Daytime in Abuja on Saturday, explained that this was the reason he championed an amendment to the Electoral Bill, 2021 for the utilisation of Direct Primaries by political parties as a method of choosing candidates for elective offices.

The dialogue had the theme, “The Nigerian Tyke and the National Unity Projection.”

Gbajabiamila stated that with direct primaries, a youth with leadership qualities had equal chances of fitting a candidate for an elective business office just similar whatsoever other individual.

The speaker famous that this was one of the surest ways of securing the hereafter of Nigeria, by giving people with multiple ideas the opportunity to be at the really top of governance.

He said, “That debate on direct primaries, which I championed, is in relation to the hereafter of our country. Our place in the 9th House of Representatives is that everyone must have equal opportunities to participate in governance and the democratic physical process…

“Our immature people must have a place at the high tabular array and we must create the enabling surroundings for them to be in leadership such that a immature man with bold ideas can come up out to vie for whatsoever place, be it legislator, governor or whatsoever other business office. That can only be achieved through direct primaries, which will give a fair chance to the youth of this country to be involved in governance.”

Gbajabiamila called for huge investment in youth education, peculiarly engineering, which the speaker said had transformed the world from what it used to be into a global village, delivering services and innovations at an unprecedented speed.

He added, “Engineering has changed our world. We no longer be in communal or national silos but as division of a broad cloth of humanity in a global village where opportunities and challenges abound. In this new world where a tike with a computer and internet connecter in Lagos can compete for jobs in Texas or Bombay, our job as leaders is to ensure that every Nigerian tike is educated and empowered to compete in and succeed in this global marketplace of ideas and talent.”

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