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NEWS UPDATE: Customs officer killed, another missing as smugglers unleash mayhem in Ogun

NEWS UPDATE: Customs officer killed, another missing as smugglers unleash mayhem in Ogun

An official of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has been killed by presumed runners in Fagbohun town, by means of Idogo/Ipaja, Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Our reporter reports that another official is as yet absent as of the hour of recording this report.

DAILY POST discovered that the episode occurred on Tuesday when the officials, who were from the Federal Operating Unit (FOU) showed up in the town for an operation.

It was accumulated that the dealers, in locating the watch group, released dread on them as two officials got absent in the melee.

On Wednesday, the inert assemblage of one of the missing officials was purportedly found in a waterway near Ajegun Iyaloosa town without his rifle, while the other is as yet being looked through for.

The Public Relations Officer of the FOU in Zone A, Theophilus Duniya, has affirmed the occurrence, saying a few suspects have been arrested.

Duniya said, “The assaulted officials are from FOU. One is affirmed dead, while the other one is still missing.

“It happened yesterday (Tuesday) in the early evening. They were on data watch when they were assaulted. It was an unwarranted assault that finished the existence of one and the other one is still missing.

“The one that was discovered dead, his rifle was missing; yet we can’t say for the other one that is as yet missing until we get to its furthest limit. Right now we have a few suspects in guardianship comparable to that murder.”

Speaking further, Duniya spoke to Nigerians to stop from assaulting customs officials, who he said were doing the legitimate positions appointed to them by the Federal Government.

“The message to the majority has consistently been that these officials are on legal obligation. They didn’t appoint themselves. They are officials of the Federal Republic, and what the Federal Government said through our laws is the thing that they are out to implement. They are not there to battle anyone, they are not there on their own will. They are taken there to uphold the public authority financial arrangements. Anyplace customs officials are seen, in the event that they can’t help them to do their tasks, they ought not assault them. Since these individuals have families. They come from towns and networks also and they are individuals. They additionally merit a right to live,” he stated.

Asked, Duniya said he would not deliver the characters of the two officials yet, saying their families should be reached officially.

“I can’t deliver their personalities to you in light of the fact that right now, I don’t know whether their families have been reached. So we really wanted to connect with their families authoritatively before we go to the press,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of Fagbohun town were said to have escaped the tired local area as of Wednesday morning.

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