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NEWS UPDATE: Contributory Pensions Scheme: Retired Police Officers accuse IGP, others of mismanaging funds

NEWS UPDATE: Contributory Pensions Scheme: Retired Police Officers accuse IGP, others of mismanaging funds

Police force Retirees under the Contributory Pensions Scheme on Tuesday embarked on some other protestation over the alleged lack of fairness in the scheme.

The law retirees converged at the gates of the National Assembly to force home their before demand to be exited from the scheme.

The officers had in Apr taken their protestation to the National Assembly when they made similar demands in a cast of a petition which received the blessings of the Senate next which an investigative hearing of their petition was carried out.

They also accused the Inspector Full general of Police force, Baba Alkali and the direction squad of aiding and abetting the alleged fraudulent mismanagement of the fund which they claim is existence diverted to private pockets.

The retirees said based on their findings, Baba Alkali and the direction squad have been footdragging in proposing a bill to the National Assembly to exempt the Police force from the Contributory Pension Scheme.

Division of their text made available to journalists read: “It would surprise you to hear that till date, the IGP has refused to comply with the advice given, instead, he mandated the SIG, Sanusi Lemu to bring together the NPF Pension Ltd marketing squad to go on marketing campings against the go out of the Police force from Contributory Pension Scheme.

“DIG Sanusi’s activity violates Subdivision 4 of Police force Human activity which highlights the constitutional duties of a Police force Officer. As opposite as this was, some other crafty aspect of the human activity was a hired crowd that was induced with N10,000.00 and souvenir each to gather and pose as retired Police force Officers to enable them create a clip for a press release to the effect that our genuine agitation was political and not supported by the generality of Police force Retirees.”

The angry ex-officers recalled that the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan ordered an investigative hearing of their petition since June 2, under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Senate Commission on Police force Affairs, Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba, which outcome, the IGP was unwilling to abide by 3 months after.

The grouping said, regrettably, the Inspector Full general of Police force rather directed the Deputy Inspector Full general of Police force (DIG) Sanusi Lemu to bring together the NPF Pension Ltd marketing to embark on a mistaken drive, stating that exiting from the Contributory Pension Scheme was not in the involvement of retires and serving Police force Officers.

The retirees wondered how the IGP and his direction squad would allow their pecuniary interests, overwhelm the thousands of retirees, saying that it was the Police force officers’ fund that was used to set upwardly the working capital base of operations of NPF Pension Ltd.

The ex-officers expressed confidence that the National Assembly will intervene by amending the Human activity to do absent with the flaws and those clauses that are inconsistent with the supreme law and farther demanded that:

“The exemption clause in the Pension Reform Human activity should be expanded to include the Nigeria Police force Forcefulness which is the leading agency in internal security in this country.

“All Police force retirees who enlisted into the forcefulness before the childbirth of the CPS in 2004 should be exempted CPS and the 300% of their annual salary be paid to them as tip and 80% of their finally monthly salary be paid to them as pension as specified under the defines benefits scheme under which status they enlisted into the forcefulness.”

The chairman of the Cross Rivers Province chapter of the Nigeria Police force Retirees Under Contributory Pension Scheme, Christopher Effiong who coordinated the protestation on behalf of other chapters said, the IGP’s lukewarm mental attitude has justified their before findings that their pension was existence fraudulently diverted into private pockets.

He alleged that they were existence cheated by the pension managers and some serving senior Police force officers, which the National Assembly has since directed the IGP to forward a bill.

“We are hither to reiterate our former appeal to the National Assembly to go out us from the Contributory Pensions Scheme for which we were coerced.

“We want to go out, we don’t want it once more. We would rather prefer to homecoming to the defined advatage scheme controlled by the Nigeria law pension board where our pension and tip would be paid. We are pleading that they should go out us from the Contributory Pensions Scheme.

“As experts and professionals in different fields that we were trained, whether we are utilized properly we are a major asset to Nigeria as a country particularly these days of insecurity and terrorism. “When such well-trained officers are treated with such disdain they can be highjacked to carry out some activities that would not be rattling good for the Regime of this country.

“We have bomb experts, anti Bomb and terrorism experts, we have highly trained intelligence officers amid us.

Regime has to maintain us somewhere to pacify us because in to a greater extent civilised nations retired officers similar us are kept as a reserved forcefulness. “Anytime you have challenges you autumn dorsum and acquire ideas from us to acquire things right but hither in Nigeria after we have suffered they have abandoned us.

Offiong lamented that a Police force Inspector who spent 35 years in service and retired would be paid a paltry amount of N785,284.40 and will be taking N22,000 as monthly pension, piece an ASP retiree is currently paid N16,000 monthly, a state of affairs he described as homicidal.

“Allow them pay us debarment allowance, go out us from Contributory Pension Scheme. These are the 2 requests we are making that National Assembly should assist us.”

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