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NEWS UPDATE: Commissioner denies suspected kidnappers who allegedly wore police uniform

NEWS UPDATE: Commissioner denies suspected kidnappers who allegedly wore police uniform

The Commissioner of Police in Cross River State, Alhassan Aminu, has expressed that the pack of suspected criminals that struck at a Lemna people group in Calabar Municipality Sunday morning are not policemen.

Residents, onlookers remembering relations of the abducted casualties for the Lemna people group, guaranteed that a portion of the presumed ruffians wore Nigeria Police regalia and berets.

They added that the speculates shot irregularly prior to hauling the three casualties through the landfill locales into their holding up speed boats.

Reacting, the official said “They can not be cops. It isn’t correct. They are criminals.

“Upon insight report, I quickly despatched Operation Puff Adder to the scene.

“My men showed up the scene and have completed some actions.”

According to media reports, last week Monday presumed hijackers had effectively picked three casualties and struck a bread kitchen just as some houses.

A nursing mother who is a spouse to one of the casualties captured last week said they set up correspondence with her, requesting that she pays N7m before she can talk with her husband.

“I brought fortitude to ask them that when they raged our condo that Monday morning whether they considered it to be the place where a group that can undoubtedly raise N20,000 or N50,000 live not to mention 7,000,000 Naira.

“I am a nursing mother and not working. Where in the world will I raise such sum? They had trucked away everything in our apartment.

“I am energetically interesting to government and security organizations to assist me with interceding to save my better half and other victims.

“This Lemna people group is as of now not protected. Government ought to set up security presence here.”

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