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NEWS UPDATE: Cold weather: Provide protective clothing, proper diets for children – Physician

NEWS UPDATE: Cold weather: Provide protective clothing, proper diets for children – Physician

Parents and watchmen have been charged to guarantee the wellbeing of their kids by wearing them defensive attire and arrangement of a decent diet.

With the drop in temperature because of the expanded precipitation related with August, this has gotten important to keep the youngsters from creating pneumonia and other related contaminations related with cold weather.

Speaking with DAILY POST in Osogbo, Dr Omoteemi Olakunle expressed that the drop in temperature is probably going to influence infants and more seasoned ones under 10 years.

He clarified that organs of the body that could be influenced because of the virus is the lungs, adding that pneumonia and diseases of the respiratory framework are likewise likely.

The doctor encouraged moms and gatekeepers to consistently ensure their kids are warm and dressed in thick apparel, adding that these will assist with forestalling pointless crises and hospitalisation.

He likewise asked moms to make sufficient arrangements for counts calories as information on such would likewise help kids insusceptibility in such unfavorable weather.

“For breastfeeding moms, they ought not cease this as we have realities to demonstrate that breastmilk likewise gives an extra degree of assurance to children.

“Children that have begun to take grown-up food ought to be furnished with nutrients, vegetables, starch and protein to foster well and battle illnesses related with this sort of climate,” he said.

For those living near a waterway or muggy regions, he guided that additional alert ought to be taken being taken care of by kids so as not to open them to the antagonistic climate conditions, adding that this is acceptable ground for reproducing of germs and microorganisms which causes diseases.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) had encouraged Nigerians to support up for expanded precipitation in the last piece of the year.

What this implies is that the expanded precipitation will be joined by a comparing drop in temperature and humidity.

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