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NEWS UPDATE: Cars not expensive to buy in USA Auction, Awoof Car will help you, stop wasting money

NEWS UPDATE: Cars not expensive to buy in USA Auction, Awoof Car will help you, stop wasting money

Every Adult in Nigeria deserves to have a motorcar of his/her option. In a developed country similar the United Province where we purchase cars from, you don’t require to have all the money before you have a motorcar. All you demand is to approach your bank and tell them the form of motorcar you demand. After checking your credit written report and they are convinced so you qualify to pick whatever of your option motorcar from whatever motorcar dealer. Your insurance company will thereafter work it out with your bank piece you acquire placed on mortgage for 5 years. Fifty-fifty whether the motorcar gets involved in an accident during this physical process, they will still collect it from you and give you some other brand new motorcar. Below will guide you on the best choice to go for when searching for a motorcar through Awoof Motorcar Auction Company. You can also search on and for whatever motorcar and we can utilisation our license to tender for you piece you pay us service charge.

Insurance Cars Auto Auction

Cars bought in the U.S.A. are typically protected by an insurance policy entered into betwixt the buyer and the insurance company. Ordinarily, whether whatever issue occurs with the motorcar, the insurance company would grip it.

Notwithstanding, where the issue involves selling the motorcar, the insurance companies would normally dispose of the motorcar via the US Public Auto Auction Services. There are basically 3 grades of cars that are sold by these insurance companies in the US Auto Auction and they shall be discussed below.

Grade A – Make clean Title or Repossessed Cars

Owning a motorcar moves from beingness a want to a necessity when an private attains the age of bulk as stipulated by the relevant laws governing a specific country. In firstly world countries such as the U.S.A., in one case a individual is upwards to 18 years old, he or she is eligible to have a motorcar and all they have to do is walk into a motorcar dealer’s store and pick a motorcar of their option. Whether the individual does not have the total amount to pay for the motorcar at the second, it is normal exercise to seek a mortgage payment for the motorcar. In this example, the motorcar dealer would have to demand for your insurance license, ID cards including driving license and other essential documentation from the insurance company before the motorcar would be released.

The mortgage understanding would normally be for a stipulated period of time. In the case wherein the individual defaults in the payment of the motorcar, the insurance company would confiscate the motorcar and take it to the US Auto Auction where it would be sold and the money recovered would be expended in the repayment of the mortgage.

In this type of state of affairs represented higher up, such cars are referred to as ‘Make clean Title or Repossessed Motorcar’. This agency that the title or ownership of the motorcar has never been transferred and we highly recommend this type of motorcar in auction as it is generally referred to as “Grade A” auction vehicle.

Grade B – Salvaged Title or Accident Cars

The next type of motorcar that is position upwards in public auctions by an insurance company is known as the ‘Relieve Titled Motorcar’. At present, whether you are planning on saving hundreds or fifty-fifty thousands of dollars on buying a motorcar of your option than rather spending it on cars in the traditional motorcar dealer shops, so your best choice would be relieve cars. This nevertheless nonetheless is not a job and would likely be a great deal as long as you are ready to position in additional travail on the repair of the motorcar after purchase.

When the title of a motorcar is branded as ‘relieve’, it simply agency that the motorcar has been damaged or involved in an accident to the dot that the insurance company deems it fit and essential in line with the extant US legislations to sell them off to other countries via the US Auto Auction. It is worthy and pertinent to annotation that these cars are not currently in the best shape to be driven due to the damages and this would require sure repairs to restore them to a working province.

We normally recommend purchasing salvaged cars that do not have a front end harm and this is not unusual to the fact that such harm will most likely bear on the engine of the motorcar and it must have ignited the motorcar’s air bag to force out. Rather, it is best to go for salvaged cars that might be damaged at the dorsum or side. Most of the cars operating on the Nigerian roads do not have airbags and this is real unsafe.(Driving a motorcar without an airbag is similar a driver at high speed on the highway with 2 eyes closed)Most cunning and fraudulent motorcar dealers after purchasing these cars off auction will sell these cars to unsuspecting buyers without disclosing these vital damages. Hither at Awoof, we believe in honesty and integrity as we will guide you through the auction motorcar choice physical process. These types of cars in auction are normally referred to as “Grade B” auction vehicles. All our cars are physically inspected and written report history will be generated before buying.

Grade C – Flood Cars

Natural disasters which are otherwise referred to as Acts of God are circumstances that are far beyond human command. These natural disasters include hurricanes, tornados, storms, earthquakes, wildfires, e.t.c. Notwithstanding, just similar every other type of natural catastrophe listed higher up, floods can create a real huge harm to lives, and properties. Out of the many properties normally damaged by flood disasters, automobiles stand up in the front end row.

The U.S.A. experiences fairly a series of flood disasters on a yearly basis and during these periods of flood crisis, cars are partially or totally submerged in body of water for fairly some time until the body of water dries upwards. After this, whether the vehicle is so damaged that it is no longer operable, the possessor’s insurance company settles the claim by buying the vehicle and selling it at the US Auto Auction. Normally, we do not recommend this grade of auction motorcar because of the huge, immense harm that has been caused to the engine unless the buyer insists on purchasing it and thereafter changing the engine of the motorcar. impartial as we have before stated, most unscrupulous and mischievous motorcar dealers will purchase these flood vehicles off auction, import them into Nigeria, fix them haphazardly and thereafter sell these cars to unsuspecting buyers. In little or no time, these cars will start developing problems that will most likely final result in the total breakdown of the engine. (A motorcar with poor engine is similar a beautiful house built on a sinking sand).Hither in our company, we believe in honesty and integrity as we will guide you through the auction motorcar choice physical process. These types of cars in auction are normally referred to as “Grade C” auction vehicles. It is not advisable to purchase this form of grade because there is no way you will fix it that will be totally okay. Most times, it is not unusual to regain a motorcar possessor driving a lately bought motorcar without using the air conditioner and whether you enquire them they will tell you the air-conditioning system is not working good or not working at all. How can someone purchase a motorcar that is recent and the air-conditioning will not work? It is because most of those cars are flood vehicles which were refurbished by the Nigerian motorcar dealers. They do this because these types of cars are real inexpensive to purchase in Auction and since they want to create a lot of money they tend to purchase Flood vehicles all in the proper noun of regard and purchase.

Piece of cake physical process of getting motorcar through us.

A. We will send you our terms and conditions to read and sign.

B. A refundable deposit of #100,000(One Hundred Thousand Naira Only(That allow us to work with you 24/7 until you are convinced with what you demand to purchase,

C. Client pay in 4 installments(Buying, Transport, Shipping and Clearing) You only pay when you regard evidence of what we have done and verify it. Document will be sent to you one after the other and it subject to confirmation.

D. Cost of buying will be paid by client(Client can pay straight to auction themselves as it is optional).

E. Cost of Transport(Depend on the Auction location)We shouldn’t purchase from a far location as to bring down cost of transport. We are responsible for that.

Shipping to Nigeria will be paid by client ($1000)

F. Cost of Clearing will be paid by our company on arrival.(Depend on the twelvemonth, model and understanding.)

Service charge is #100,000(Depend on the twelvemonth an model)

G. Visiting our lawyer business office to sign whatever essential papers is allowed.(Optional)

E. Pay stack will refund you whether there is whatever dispute.(Whether you pay via online)Read their terms real good.

F. No understanding signed, No Refundable security Deposit,NO graduation of bidding.

You can utilisation our license and take over your shipment whether you are willing to do so yourself, pay our service charge. You can engage whatever other trusted partner or relatives in the USA to assist you pay or you can walk into your bank and create a direct deposit to auction yourself. We will guide you. It is not compulsory we should grip payment for you.

We give thanks all our customers who have done business with us from every section of Nigeria . Those that have sent money without coming and those who have just placed their tell, as we urge them to maintain referring us to their relatives, friends, colleagues, and associates. See our website nowadays to acquire started.

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