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NEWS UPDATE: Cape Verde opens first embassy in Nigeria

NEWS UPDATE: Cape Verde opens first embassy in Nigeria

Jose Silva, Prime Government minister of Republic of Cape Verde, the only Isle-country in Due west Africa, has pledged superior cooperation and increment in merchandise volumes betwixt Nigeria and his country in the coming years.

Silva made the pledge in Abuja on Saturday at the official opening of the firstly ever Cape Verdean Diplomatic mission in Nigeria, stressing that tourism and shipping would top the areas of cooperation.

Speaking to newsmen after the opening, the PM, who spoke through an interpreter, said that the setting upwards of the diplomatic mission was a great stair toward superior cooperation and regional integration.

The Prime Government minister, who jocularly said that Nigeria and Republic of Cape Verde could mouth in relation to football, stressed that both countries stood to gain from each other with the cooperation that was existence established.

“The opening of this diplomatic mission way to strengthen the human relationship betwixt Republic of Cape Verde and Nigeria both politically and culturally.

“Also, we will strengthen human relationship with Republic of Cape Verde as good as its integration within the ECOWAS part.

“We are going to lure to a greater extent private investments to Republic of Cape Verde, we want to take to a greater extent tourists from Nigeria. We already have many travellers from Nigeria to Republic of Cape Verde.

“We already have some investments there from other African countries similar the Floating Hub, which is an investment by a Malian.

“We believe that politically and culturally, we have a lot to offering, fifty-fifty as a tourist destination,” he said.

He famous that the current merchandise volume betwixt both countries was low, but expressed optimism that going forward, the volume will be on the increment.

“The merchandise volume betwixt Nigeria and Republic of Cape Verde is pretty much weak for at present, but, when it comes to merchandise, it is important to increment or improve the maritime and airline connections to increment the figures.

“Also, when it comes to loose merchandise zones, it would play an important role whether you invest in the connective betwixt the part and Republic of Cape Verde in tell to elevate the figure,” he added.

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