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NEWS UPDATE: Buhari’s successor: Northern govs fuelling agitation for Nigeria’s split – Southern, Middle Belt body

NEWS UPDATE: Buhari’s successor: Northern govs fuelling agitation for Nigeria’s split – Southern, Middle Belt body

The Southern and Middle-Belt Alliance (SaMBA) said the Northern Governors Forum (NGF) place on who succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari would fuel calls for Nigeria’s breakup.

On Monday in Kaduna, Governors of the 19 northern states declared it was unconstitutional for their colleagues in the southward to demand the 2023 presidency.

Reacting, SaMBA said spell there is no limited provision for zoning in the structure, Subdivision 14(3) explicitly supports the distribution of offices in the composition of the authorities.

A statement signed by the spokesman, Rwang Pam, said the provision of the subdivision disapproves of whatever endeavor by a specific part to dominate others.

The body warned that permutations by the due north to retain powerfulness in 2023 will defeat the purpose of a united Nigeria.

Pam accused the governors of attempting to stand up history on its top dog, an activeness that would final result in additional separatist agitations in the country.

He famous: “Subdivision 14(3) states: The composition of the Regime of the Federation or whatever of its agencies and the conduct of its affairs shall be carried out in such a mode as to reverberate the federal character of Nigeria and the demand to promote national unity, and also to command national loyalty, thereby ensuring that there shall be no predominance of persons from a few States or from a few ethnic or other sectional groups in that Regime or in whatever of its agencies.

“Thence, it is opposite to the letters and spirit of the Structure and a danger to the unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the core Northward to pass 8 years in business office as and still be thinking of seeking some other 8 years.

“Nigerians are aware, that after former President Olusegun Obasanjo completed his 8-year term in 2007, the S unanimously agreed for Northern Nigeria to make the President. In 2007, the S did not vociferation that zoning is unconstitutional, and President Obasanjo duly handed over Powerfulness to a northerner, the belatedly former President Umaru Ya’Adua.

“It is also public knowledge that former President Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 Presidential election to President Muhammadu Buhari partly because of the global sentiment, that it was the turn of the Northward to Make the President, fifty-fifty though Dr Jonathan had only spent one term in business office as elected president.

“It is not in the involvement of the country for the Northward to take hold onto powerfulness in 2023; because doing so will be to the detriment of the already fragile unity of the country and to a greater extent likely to conduct to an growth of separatist movements across the country.”

SaMBA advised the NGF to perish the thought of holding on to powerfulness beyond 2023 and cautioned political parties against zoning their presidential ticket to the Northward.

The statement added that whatever governor from the Middle Belt that supports the stance of the Northward should be regarded as acting against the wishes of his people.

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