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NEWS UPDATE: ‘Buhari has finally finished us’ – Nigerians lament as ‘pure water’ now sells for N300, N400 per bag

NEWS UPDATE: ‘Buhari has finally finished us’ – Nigerians lament as ‘pure water’ now sells for N300, N400 per bag

Nigerians living in the Federal Working capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, have lamented the over hundred percent ascension in the terms of sachet body of water popularly known as ‘Pure Body of water’ .

According to them, President Muhammadu Buhari regime has finally finished the masses by taking ‘ordinary’ body of water out of their arrive at.

Findings by DAILY POST showed that what is known as a bag of sachet body of water which contains 20 sachets, is at present sold for N200 to N250 by factories piece retailers sell for N300 to N400 as against the initial terms of Betwixt N80 to N150.

This agency that a 50 cl sac of ‘pure body of water’, which was sold for N10 before at present, is at present sold for nil less than N20 to N30 depending on the area.

Resellers such as common cold room operators may sell at N240 a bag.

This evolution follows the trend of min by min ascension in prices of goods and services in the country currently battling unimaginable inflation.

Some sections of Abuja residents who shared their grievances with DAILY POST lamented that “pure body of water” has been their saviour due to the unavailability of a dependable furnish of safe and hygienic body of water.

DAILY POST findings farther reveal that millions of people in the country, particularly in the commercial cities, shanties and rural areas rely on the pop “pure body of water” for their daily drinking needs.

“Pure body of water” producers, under the Organization of Tabular array Body of water Producers Organization of Nigeria, on Thur announced they have imposed an growth due to rising production costs.

“Body of water producers are to sell to their customers whether less than 100 bags at N200 per bag,” the notice partly said.

Nevertheless nonetheless, some ‘pure body of water’ companies who spoke to DAILY POST in Abuja all cited the growth in cost of production, saying that they could no longer afford to make at a loss.

“We can’t go along the way we were going. At a dot, many of us wanted to closed downward totally but after our full general coming together finally week, we decided to carry on but not as we utilization to,” one of the manufactory operators, who pleaded not to be mentioned, told DAILY POST.

“What is the essence of venturing in a business whether instead of making gains you are losing the little one you’ve secured. Prices of raw materials we utilization for production are at present 200 percent higher than what we used to purchase them. So the only choice to remain in business is to growth the terms of the production,” he added.

Nigerians on the streets of Abuja and market place places are not happy with the evolution and are calling on the regime to present to a greater extent concern to the plight of ordinary Nigerians.

June Ibegbulam, who loads taxi in Wuse motor commons, said, “My blood brother, this one tire me. How we wan take hold out? honest when we dey verbalise say we no fit purchase food chop once again, at present body of water don bring together food. I stand up hither under the Sun for the whole daytime. When it was N10, I drink at to the lowest degree 10 to 15 but at present, I have to cut it 5. This regime is killing us faster than we expected. Na only God go preserve us.”

Mama Aminat, a market place adult female in AMAC Marketplace, said, “Wetin you want create I verbalise? You no know say everything don spoil? Buhari don finally destination us. The worse you can do to whatever living thing is to deny them body of water. Food aside, no one can do without body of water and that many people can no longer afford ordinary ‘pure body of water’ is a large job. I be mama, I acquire 4 children. Before, we dey purchase 3 bags for N360. But at present 3bags na N750. Tell me, how we wan take do am? Na only body of water individual go drink?”

An Abuja based medical expert, who spoke on status of anonymity, told DAILY POST that the hike in terms of sachet body of water may guide to waterborne diseases and deaths.

According to him, people, mostly those living in shanties and rural areas will at present resort to contaminated body of water due to their inability to afford cleaner body of water for themselves and members of their families.

He listed some of the most common waterborne diseases to include “Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Giardia, Dysentery, Escherichia Coli (E. coli), Hepatitis A, Salmonella” and called on the current administration to “consider to the welfare of ordinary Nigerians,” adding that “whether all citizens have access to make clean body of water, these diseases would not be.”

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