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NEWS UPDATE: Budget: Buhari borrowing N5.01 trillion to service stolen funds

NEWS UPDATE: Budget: Buhari borrowing N5.01 trillion to service stolen funds

Hon. Mohammed Gudaji Kazaure representing Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives has said President Muhammadu Buhari has budgeted the amount of over N5.1 trillion to service stolen funds that plunged the country into debts.

He lamented that the bar of corruption battle has been lowered and those who stole funds have escaped only for the country to pay upwardly debts at the expense of commoners.

The Jigawa lawmaker, who is a fellow member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) believed that the so-called debts of the country was the funds stolen, stating that the appropriate thing for Buhari administration to do was to pursue the stolen funds and assets stashed abroad, recover them for the country.

He spoke with journalists on the sidelines of the 2022’s N16.4 trillion budget presentation by President Muhammadu Buhari to the articulation sessions of the National Assembly lawmaker’s on Thur.

“Nigerian money was looted and buried similar dead bodies in the grave, some people have stashed the money abroad. Why can’t regime constitute a strong investigative and interrogative Commission to ring dorsum these people?

“We have to halt borrowing because we don’t know tomorrow and that is my concern. For representative, the former female Crude Government minister in the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan went absent with the amount of $60 billion. This is in relation to 5 years Nigerian budget.

Nigeria’s 2022 budget filled with debts, loans – CUPP mocks Buhari

“Whether there is existent investigation by this regime, there are thousands of them and when we investigate, we can pass the next 20 years without borrowing. We will implement budget with our recovered money.

“Seriously, this regime said, they are fighting corruption, but as a lawmaker, I never consider the corruption scrap because we say we are fighting corruption and we are slow and not acting. Whether there is strong investigation and interrogation in this country, I am certain we will not borrow money to service debts.

“Sadly, the issue of revenue which they said has gone downwardly; the oil which has gone downwardly in many countries of the world and whether we think in this country before oil was discovered, Nigeria was generating revenue from agriculture. Money generated through cotton fiber and groundnut was used to find and develop oil and later, agriculture was abandoned.

“Appear at our teeming youths roaming in relation to, jobless. Appear at our forests currently inhabited by criminals which should have been cleared and used for farming by our teeming youths. Whether we can do this across the 6 geopolitical zones, I am certain the country will have money superior than oil. We could fund the budget without borrowing.

“But, most embarrassing is debt servicing which was reflected in the 2022 budget. We are servicing debt of monies stolen. Nigeria citizens never enjoyed the money which we are paying as debts.

“The money that was supposed to be invested in education, railways, wellness, security and other critical infrastructure would be used to service debts in 2022. The debt that are in private’s pockets.

“Go circular the country, and consider the type of buildings some privileged persons and regime officials are living and they said, they’re fighting corruption. Go to Maitama in Abuja, Lagos, Port harcourt, you will consider people living in mansion and they are regime officials.

“Did they acquire mansions with their salaries and we said we are fighting corruption? Whether we are really fighting corruption, we will not borrow money. It’s embarrassing”, he concluded.

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