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NEWS UPDATE: Bodija praying ground: We’ll treat you like Bola Ige – Islamic group tells Makinde

NEWS UPDATE: Bodija praying ground: We’ll treat you like Bola Ige – Islamic group tells Makinde

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has said that the Muslim people group in Oyo State will calmly stand by till 2023 and guarantee Governor Seyi Makinde doesn’t return briefly term.

The bunch said this while exposing Makinde’s case that one of the mosques in the express, the Bodija Mosque, was based on piece of the land reserved for an amusement centre.

MURIC had before blamed Makinde for beginning a methodical, all around practiced and continuous end of Islamic tourist spots in the state.

The bunch made the allegation after it was accounted for that the State Government had earmarked a Muslim ‘Id praying ground arranged at Bodija, Ibadan, for the development of a diversion centre.

And in response to MURIC’s case, the Governor, through his Chief Press Secretary, Taiwo Adisa, said that ‘part of the land which was planned as an entertainment community since the making of Bodija Estate was utilized to assemble a mosque and a church’.

MURIC depicted the Governor’s declaration as bogus, adding that Bodija Muslims purchased the land on which the mosque was constructed and had likewise drawn in the power specialists to migrate the strain wires on the land.

MURIC’s assertion, which was endorsed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, was given on Monday.

“The lead representative asserted that ‘Part of the land which was planned as an entertainment place since the formation of Bodija Estate was utilized to fabricate a mosque and a church.

“This is a barefaced falsehood. The lead representative has made maybe the Oyo State Government gave the Muslims the package of land on which Bodija mosque was fabricated,” the assertion added.

MURIC further blamed Makinde for attempting to redirect the consideration from the Muslim imploring ground to the mosque though the issue in dispute is the former.

The Islamic rights bunch said that its prior allegation against the lead representative was that he was attempting to hold onto the Muslim asking ground and not the mosque, asking why Makinde is turning the matter round.

“We won’t permit Makinde to play the game as indicated by his own guidelines. So we are not examining the mosque,” MURIC said.

The bunch said that Makinde messed himself up by attempting to manoeuver right impossible, adding that he accidentally conceded that he is building an amusement centre.

“Mr. Lead representative Sir, in the thing area would you say you are building your diversion place? Is it’s anything but on the Muslim supplicating ground? In any case, that was by and large what we blamed you for doing. Articulations like ‘The new development won’t in any capacity mess with the current mosque in the space’ isn’t just diversionary. It is tricky. Nigerians are not fools,” MURIC added.

“Makinde is basically terrified of his own shadow on the grounds that MURIC has never been known to instigate trouble.”

MURIC noticed that the lone language that legislators, for example, Makinde comprehend ‘is the following political decision’, “Oyo State Muslims addressed the late Bola Ige in the language he comprehended. The last lost his second term election.

“Oyo State Muslim Community will address Makinde in the language he gets it. The clock is ticking,” the gathering threatened.

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