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NEWS UPDATE: BBNaija: How bad economy, unemployment push young professionals to entertainment

NEWS UPDATE: BBNaija: How bad economy, unemployment push young professionals to entertainment

By Fikayo Olowolagba and Nsikak Nseyen

Analysts have depicted the joblessness, unforgiving monetary real factors and the flooding swelling at present perplexing Nigeria as the significant explanation numerous Nigerian adolescents have depended on looking for fast distinction and fortune in the amusement industry.

Research demonstrates that more than 40% of Nigerian adolescents in the work market have unloaded their callings to look for abundance via online media and most as of late, as a general rule, TV shows.

One could contend that the pattern of youthful experts picking diversion over proficient vocations is an impression of Nigeria’s development in that area, shockingly, many disagree with this opinion.

They demand Nigerian young people hurry to amusement due to joblessness, neediness and financial challenges.

In Nigeria, new law graduates procure as low as N30, 000 in wage, while numerous youthful specialists are jobless essentially until they pass on the country to greener pastures.

But the diversion area is supposed to be the second-most noteworthy manager in Nigeria after farming, absorbing more than 60% of Nigerian adolescents who contemplated Performing Arts or other disciplines.

A case in examination is the Big Brother Naija show which marches youthful experts, specialists, legal advisors, instructors and researchers who obtained their certifications from different trustworthy establishments across the world.

While many case the show isn’t the best illustration of ethical quality for youthful Nigerians, others demand the more than ninety days production, utilizes a greater part of experts in cinematography, subsequently diminishing the pace of joblessness by fractions.

Aside from the notoriety, fortune and ubiquity that will go with investment in the continuous BBNaija season six, labeled ‘Sparkle Ya Eye’, the victor of the show is guaranteed of an incredible fabulous prize of $180,000 in the current year’s event.

Many hungry young people in Nigeria will kill for less.

Among the 26 candidates who made it into Big Brother’s House this season, is an attorney, a clinical specialist, an expert b-ball player, an auxiliary teacher, entertainers, artists, style originators and undergraduates.

These youthful experts decided to forsake vocations in their fields of study for the unscripted TV drama looking for a superior life for themselves.

Sammie, an undergrad, may have made a decision about the unscripted TV drama a superior choice to get his future since there are no assurances of an open position after a thorough educational system in Nigeria.

Sammie’s curious circumstance is one explanation investigators say awful authority, bringing about exceptionally brutal financial circumstances and inconceivable paces of joblessness for graduates have driven young people into unscripted television shows.

Some of the housemates say they are in the show to advance themselves, become mainstream and secure their future, asserting their college degrees can’t bear the cost of them such opportunities.

However, any semblance of Boma, Yerins came on the show to acquire prevalence notwithstanding being an unfamiliar prepared specialist and an effective entertainer respectively.

Another case being referred to is one of the recently presented housemates, Jumoke, otherwise called JMK.

She is a 23-year-old alumni, who as of late sacked a law degree, finished her graduate school certificate tests yet relinquished a stupendous Call to Bar to be in the truth show.

JMK’s essence in the older sibling house implies she has deserted her six years in college and an extra one year in Law School to get her spot at the truth show.

The youthful legal counselor audaciously revealed to her kindred housemates that, “being a legal advisor can stand by yet that BBNaija unscripted TV drama cannot.”

Barring one’s freedom to change profession ways, many trust Nigeria’s financial issues and longing for speedy abundance are the main thrusts behind these switches.

Christy Atuegwu, a female legal advisor, who responded to JMK’s choice said she was frustrated to hear that a youngster picked unscripted television over her call to bar following six years of study.

“One considers what message this remark you say she made ships off more youthful people who are trying to be in the law calling”, Christy said.

“It says a ton regarding Nigeria and our needs” She maintained.

She, in any case, guaranteed there was no utilization to fault JMK for her choices, clarifying that there is consistently space for change in one’s profession way in life.

Another challenger, Yousef, an alum of Electrical Engineering from UNIJOS, scarcely making due as a class educator in a secondary school and presently leaves that honorable require the additional guaranteeing advantages of the BBNaija show.

Even more confounding is the situation of Angel who doesn’t perceive any motivation to burn through her time in school and has exited sequentially or Sammie, who is as yet an undergrad and may always avoid school particularly in the event that he arises champ of the truth show.

On the other hand, 29-year-old Whitemoney and Princess who are graduates came into the show to become fruitful as they had hustled and done modest positions in the past to endure. The two candidates battled to make the show due to poverty.

Whitemoney an alumni, said prior to going into the house, he had done unspecialized temp jobs like pipes, pointing, selling in the roads of Kaduna and riding Okada while Princess, who was sacked from her work during the pandemic turned into a cab driver to take care of yet immediately deserted when the unscripted TV drama beckoned.

An training master, Innocent Chukwuma, said the Nigerian framework constrained the experts into diversion, a daily existence way they would not have picked if the nation was any better.

“This demonstrates that instruction might be going terminated in the country since there’s simply little or nothing to show for it subsequent to going through years in the university.

“Imagine looking for non-existent positions while individuals like Lekan, Mercy or Miracle can make a huge number of Naira in under four months in the Big Brother house” he said.

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