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NEWS UPDATE: Awoof Cars makes buying of cars easy, you can pay on delivery

NEWS UPDATE: Awoof Cars makes buying of cars easy, you can pay on delivery

Awoof Cars Company conducts its business in a style that satisfaction is guaranteed such that there wouldn’t have to be whatever issue with our clients.

The difference betwixt the rich and the poor is information. When prospective buyers inquire whether we are a motorcar dealer, we tell them we are not, but a broker: A Broker is a company or an private who arranges transactions betwixt the seller and the buyer for a commission when the deal is executed. Our services attract a plane charge of N100, 000. You can pay for whatever motorcar we won direct to the auction by yourself whether you have bank account with whatever Nigerian bank or we assist you pay directly we will ground the motorcar in a to a greater extent affordable damage that fit your budget compared to what the dealers are selling hither in Nigeria and that is whether you follow our processes.

This is what our company has for clients compared to what dealers in Nigerian will offering you.

1. We create certain we purchase cars that are affordable and fit your budget. Do you know you can really acquire whatever TOYOTA products or whatever type of products for a low budget as far as you are ready to pay a security deposit? We shall learn you how it works. We have been in existence since for sometimes. You just have to trust our company and be ready to work with us, whether not you will hold spending a lot for a motorcar dealer; we understand you might be skeptical to section with your money pending the arrival of the motorcar. We only require a security deposit of N180, 000 (Refundable fees) to boot start the physical process and to be certain we are dealing with a serious client. This deposit can be called dorsum whether you modify your head, we will honorably refund it.

2. We will purchase a motorcar that has a SECURED AIRBAG; do you know that 72 per cent of cars on Nigerian roads do not have an Airbag? These are the cheapest cars in auction and that is what the dealers will sell for you after fixing them in Nigeria. They do this because some people just want to purchase motorcar they regard irrespective of the status. We create certain we do not purchase front end damaged motorcar for you, do you know that 34 per cent of motorcar in Nigeria have a flood history and that is why the air-conditioner will never work perfectly. Ordinarily, a good motorcar should have a chilly air-conditioner.

4. At Awoof cars, we will never purchase a severely damaged vehicle for you but you can acquire a motorcar that has a dent at the dorsum and not in the front end because of the engine. Whatever motorcar that has had head-on collision, there is the trend that the engine would have been affected. Really, upwardly to 80 per cent of cars in Nigeria have a history of existence front end damaged.

Below is how our services work:

1. Search for whatever motorcar of your option. Send us the Proper noun, model and yr of the motorcar you are interested in, or we can assist you search and send you 3 different pictures and you will have to select anyone you similar but we may have to advise you on your budget and also advise professionally on whatever motorcar you select.

2. You pay for only PURCHASE and SHIPPING after we have won the tender and our company shall be responsible for trucking and clearing payment. We and then send you the bill of lading after 3-4 weeks and our delivery duration is just 40 days as we ship by Grimardli and AES. Our company will handgrip the clearance by paying a genuine and fair custom duty and you pay us balance after you come up to our business office for inspection or you are liberate to engage your possess clearing agent but create certain you are not small changed as to allow the motorcar to be liberate from Nigeria Custom Disturbance all the time it locomote inter province this is to give assurance to our prospective clients that we shall deliver on our hope and we also believed that they shall not owe us or breached the terms of contract as specified in our terms of engagement as we don’t want to tie our working capital downwardly.

You can take a stair of faith by visiting our physical business office and come across with our representatives who will take you through the physical process or fill up our contact shape on the website after paying the security deposit. Please annotation that security deposit is still section of your money which can be deducted after final approbation or sale.


1. It allows you to know the history of the motorcar you are buying.

2. It allows you to know the true pictures of the Odometers or Mileage.

3. It allows you to distinguish betwixt Flood motorcar, Relieve motorcar and Make clean title motorcar.

4. It allows you to know the status of the Engine and air-conditioning.

5. It allows you to distinguish betwixt the motorcar they sell hither in Nigeria and the one we will auction/import for you from the USA.

It is time to halt final that a motorcar is good when the body is neat but time to start looking at the higher up stated reasons. Basically, the motorcar we import will serve you for the next 5 years whether you know how to preserve motorcar as they come up with MANUAL and these cars are similar new but it has been used by few user/users in USA and you will regard the history through the VIN CHECK REPORT.

We give thanks those who that have done business with us from Portharcourt, Abuja and Northern Nigeria and those that have visited our business office, Those that have sent money without coming and those that have just placed their enjoin, as we urge them to hold referring us to their relatives, friends, colleagues and associates. Only the company account is allowed to be paid to and not in whatever private account. For those people asking us to open in Abuja shortly our business office in Abuja shall be opened.

See our website nowadays to acquire started, or walk into our main business office in Lagos to interact with our experienced client service manager.



Phone: 08023851599, 01-2911515

Email [email protected]

Mobile/WhatsApp 08023851599.


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