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NEWS UPDATE: Auto Draft – Daily Post Nigeria

NEWS UPDATE: Auto Draft – Daily Post Nigeria

Hon Austin Okezie Meregini, a stalwart of the All Progressive Congress (APC) from the southeast, has asked Igbos to take hold their leaders responsible for the developmental backwardness of the part, rather than blaming President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Meregini, who spoke in a statement made available to DAILY POST on Tuesday, regretted that elected political leaders from the part have huge sums of resource allotment from the Federal Authorities but have failed to live upward to the expectations in the evolution of the southeast and her people.

He expressed disenchantment on the alleged mismanagement of tranches of bailout funds and the COVID-19 relief materials released to states by the Buhari-led APC Federal Authorities’s Intervention Fund Programme aimed at curtailing the harsh economical effects posed by the ravaging pandemic in the world, insisted that ndigbo must begin to take hold their province governors responsible for the huge funds they collect from the centre and not existence deceived to shift all the blames to Buhari.

Meregini stated, “Allow us not leave of absence out all the many federal projects in Igbo terra firma, and only seek to dot out the ones Buhari is doing exterior our terra firma. The 2nd Niger Bridge with its 7.3km route network from the cease of the bridge to the Owerri route interchange, awarded in 2018 at an initial cost of N206billion, is in relation to one of the highest singular projects under this regime, and the cost is existence reviewed upwards to enable its completion next twelvemonth.

“The Enugu international airport upgrade, the federal housing projection in Ebonyi province, the Zik’s mausoleum in Anambra province, the contemporary NSIA diagnostic centre in Umuahia Abia Province, newly approved federal polytechnic in Ohodo Enugu Province, etc, are just a few of the many projects this Buhari govt has brought to Igboland”.

The political party chieftain farther posited, “rather than all these politicised views of Buhari this and Buhari that, we should begin to appear inwards to place the existent problems bedeviling Igbo terra firma. It is on tape that no province (including Igbo states) under this regime has been denied its monthly resource allotment for one time.

He queried, “How much of these funds and resources have we bothered to regain out how they were utilised in Igboland. We should begin to take hold these our Igbo province governors responsible for the huge funds they collect from the centre, and not existence deceived to shift all the blames to Buhari.”

Continuing, Meregini concluded, “the NNPC board was constituted just yesterday and an Igboman from Imo Province was named the board chairman. I guess those who want to blame Buhari for all Igbo problems will not similar to advert this”.

“Plenty of this misplaced free energy in Igboland. The before we start jettisoning this “blame-them” mentality and start facing issues objectively in Igboland the superior for all of us. I am hoping that this Nzuko ndigbo will come up upward with something different, and not throw us to the old path that seeks to blame Buhari for all our problems in Igbo terra firma”.

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