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NEWS UPDATE: Again, Lai Mohammed accuses media of under-reporting military successes

NEWS UPDATE: Again, Lai Mohammed accuses media of under-reporting military successes

Information Government minister has once more accused the media of under-reporting armed forces successes.

This is the moment time in 3 weeks the government minister is making the allegations.

Mohammed spoke on insecurity in Nigeria at the Intelligence Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum on Sun.

He confirmed the country at present has 10 Super Tucanos and informed that the remaining 2 will be delivered later this month.

The government minister said the introduction of the platforms have made a lot of difference and changed to the dynamics of the state of war against terrorism.

He famous that in add-on to the non-kinetic measures taken against bandits in the Northward-Westward, the armed turboprops have neutralized several enemies.

Mohammed said when criminals give up, it is either they are overpowered or can no longer carry out their dastardly acts.

“They do not just give up voluntarily. It is just that our media are not doing what they ought to be doing.

“What is expected of them is to probe that since the introduction of the Super Tucano, how many bandits have been killed, how many terrorists have surrendered?”

Mohammed reminded citizens that under former President Barrack Obama, the the States denied Nigeria the Super Tucanos.

“A lot of diplomacy went on before we got these ones”, the official disclosed.

Mohammed had in September, alleged that the media reported bandit attacks more than the victories recorded by security forces.

The government minister made the comment in Katsina at a coming together with Governor Aminu Masari and stakeholders.

He insisted that the tabular array is turning against outlaws since states took decisive actions with armed forces’s kinetic approach.

”These positive efforts have not received the variety of media attending given to banditry,” the government minister claimed.

But Mohammed’s claims according to analysts appear wrong as records exhibit that media houses issue armed forces’s achievements in the ongoing Northward-Westward and Northward-East operations.

DAILY POST had severally reported the elimination of bandits and terrorists in the northward.

These include information from armed forces sources and press releases by security spokespersons.

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