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NEWS UPDATE: Afghanistan: Ex-US President, Trump blames Biden’s policy, gives reasons

NEWS UPDATE: Afghanistan: Ex-US President, Trump blames Biden’s policy, gives reasons

Former US President, Donald Trump has hammered his replacement, Joe Biden, over his choice to pull out troops from Afghanistan prompting the Taliban’s quick takeover of the country.

Recall that Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday escaped the nation as the Taliban entered the capital Kabul to assume control over the country.

Following the turn of events, DAILY POST reports that there were scenes of frenzy at Kabul air terminal on Monday as frantic inhabitants, especially outsiders, attempted to escape to their different countries.

Reacting to the emergency, the previous US President in a proclamation on Monday said, “Joe Biden fails to understand the situation each time on international strategy, and numerous different issues. Everybody realized he was unable to deal with the pressing factor. Indeed, even Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said as much.

“He ran out of Afghanistan as opposed to following the arrangement our Administration left for him—an arrangement that secured our kin and our property, and guaranteed the Taliban could never fantasy about taking our Embassy or giving a base to new assaults against America.”

Trump portrayed Biden’s choice as a shame expressing that the Taliban will currently raise their banner over America’s Embassy in Kabul.

However, Joe Biden, on Monday, defended his choice to pull out the soldiers expressing that the US troopers won’t keep on dieing while the Afghans are not prepared to fight.

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