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NEWS UPDATE: Adeyemi Oluwatosin Dotun: Do we really need a third force in 2023

NEWS UPDATE: Adeyemi Oluwatosin Dotun: Do we really need a third force in 2023

As the 2023 General races are quick drawing closer, There have been requires a third power following the to a great extent lackluster showing of the two significant ideological groups in dealing with the nation’s assets. A previous executive of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Attahiru Jega, as of late requested that Nigerians reject the decision All Progressives Congress (APC) and the main resistance Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 general surveys. As great as this appears, would it be able to be viewed as the way forward for a nation like Nigeria? Do we truly require a third power in Nigeria? Will the third power be the last help that will provide Nigeria and Nigerians with a new breath of life? These and a lot more inquiries are asking for addresses as the discussion for a third power continues.

First, return to history. On the off chance that we will not perceive where we are coming from, we probably won’t have the option to explore our objective. In the development to the 2015 Elections in Nigeria, there was a mother of alliance to expel the then decision party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The serenades that consumed the space was the mantra of “Progress” by the difficult party, All Peoples Congress (APC) Nigerians were before long given the desire for a superior nation once more; of a country that will at last deal with her residents. Too bad! Eight (8) a long time previously gone and the story as still not changed, notwithstanding the guarantee of ‘Progress” by APC. Presently, there is a clamoring for a third power. Would we truly like to stay aware of tests to the detriment of good administration and profits of popular government? Will a third power not disillusion us again like the two significant parties?

No! Nigeria doesn’t really require a third power to impact change. What the nation needs is a survey for the record whereupon the nation is being run, our constitution. Many splendid personalities who have examined the 1999 constitution driving this nation have come out to consider the report a cheat. Many individuals have tested the legitimateness of this authoritative report. There are such countless provisos installed in the archive which manage the cost of public fumble with practically no relating results. Our constitution permits numerous outrages being submitted in Nigeria today. There is no country that can move higher when the main impetus is frightfully terrible. Rather than requiring a third power, we ought to be centered around guaranteeing that we have a constitution that is reasonable for all.

There are many willing Nigerians who want a third power, including a great deal of individuals from the two existing ideological groups. Sadly, the material assets vital for that to work can’t be effortlessly sourced out. Along these lines, it is difficult to say anything can be accomplished in that line. Following the bad idea of the country, a party that will battle with the two principle celebrated should be vigorously financed. The intricacy of the country’s political cosmetics and casting a ballot framework won’t make any third power with no cash sacks to accomplish anything genuine. It is very reasonable that even the young people are pushing for a third power however the inquiry is: is this truly achievable?

In Nigeria, doubt has been made incidentally and way the current ideological groups have worked out over the most recent 20 years. So it is, obviously, getting amazingly hard for individuals to acknowledge any party as a third power following quite a while of terrible encounters. Nigerians should go with the proverb, “Preferred Satan you know over the heavenly messenger you don’t” So, pushing the account of a third power right presently probably won’t be invited by the greater part in any event, calling for it. As things stand now, apparently the main plan of action is for individuals of good still, small voice and psyche to come into the principle gatherings and endeavor to change them.

We can concur no less that our nation is in desperate need of authentic drives now, more than any time before, to protect her from raiders of her undeniable fortunes, and check the approaching destruction as of now looking straight at everybody. Nonetheless, he that should come to value should tell the truth hands.


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