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NEWS UPDATE: Adamawa IPMAN crisis persists, factional leader rejects caretaker committee

NEWS UPDATE: Adamawa IPMAN crisis persists, factional leader rejects caretaker committee

The emergency confronting the Independent Petroleum Markers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) in Adamawa State has continued regardless of a move made to fix it.

A factional head of the relationship on Friday demanded that a guardian panel established on Thursday for the affiliation will not stand.

Factional administrator of the relationship in the state, Dahiru Buba, told newsmen in Yola Friday that he stayed the state director and no one could eliminate him till his term falls due in two years.

“I heard that yesterday (Thursday), some fifth writers came to Yola and led what can just pass as a no problem,” Buba said.

The National Secretary of IPMAN, Danladi Pasali had driven some other public chiefs of the relationship to Yola on Thursday to initiate an overseer council to lead the relationship in the state till a political decision is held to comprise a super durable Exco.

By the demonstration of Thursday, the public authority of IPMAN had disintegrated the two groups in the state.

Speaking during the Thursday introduction, Danladi Pasali had said the activity depended on the constitution of the relationship to reestablish harmony and solidarity among individuals in Yola Depot covering Adamawa and Taraba.

He said Adamawa was the main state in the country with two groups and said, “The fighting groups in Adamawa have been formally broken down and the overseer board of trustees set up to accommodate the two groups to acquire harmony Yola Depot.

“Out of the 36 states in the country, Adamawa was the main state where we had two groups and the public body was upset. The time has come to break down the groups and experience a harmony board of trustees to blend and bring all advertisers together.”

Pasali had disclosed that to guarantee equity and reasonableness, individuals from the council were drawn from the two groups and guaranteed that with the overseer panel, harmony would be reestablished in the depot.

The guardian board had as administrator Gidado Hamman-Gari who, during the swearing-in of his board on Thursday, requested the participation of the advertisers for the accomplishment of the association.

On his part, notwithstanding, factional director Dahiru Buba demanded Friday that he remains IPMAN executive in Adamawa, swearing that he would send all assets to challenge the ‘act’ called an overseer committee.

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