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NEWS UPDATE: Absence of NIDCOM board responsible for agitators’ support from abroad – Ex-NIDO Chairman

NEWS UPDATE: Absence of NIDCOM board responsible for agitators’ support from abroad – Ex-NIDO Chairman

The instant past times Continental Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) in Europe, Hon. Kenneth Gbandi has described as unlucky, the nowadays administration’s inability to constitute the governing board of the Nigeria Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).

He said various agitators who acquire financial back up from abroad was as a termination of the lack of the commission’s board, stating that whether the commission was in location with proper coordination of the Diaspora Nigerians, it would have been pretty hard channeling resources from abroad to groups that were hell-bent on disintegrating the country.

Hon. Gbandi accused some of regime officials at the province and federal levels as good as politicians of conniving with some Nigerians abroad in “fuelling Nigeria”s disintegration from the Diaspora.”

In a statement he personally signed and sent to DAILY POST on Saturday in Abuja, Gbandi, who is the current deputy Chairman of African Democratic Congress, ADC, faulted the APC-led administration and their failure to properly constitute NIDCOM Board.

He called does the structure of NIDCOM board without delay in enjoin to bridge gaps that gave ascension to agitators existence funded from abroad.

According to him, he had previously cautioned the President Muhammadu Buhari-led regime on the demand to expeditiously constitute the NIDCOM’s board to enable Nigeria regime monitor transactions of diaspora citizens, adding that he pointed gave dangers, whether such didn’t happen.

“I recalled writing several such letters to the Federal regime on the urgent demand to constitute NIDCOM’S Board as stipulated by the Deed, with total Diaspora representation via NIDO Worldwide.

“One of such appeals was written on the July 27, 2020, to Senator Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru, Chairman of Senate Commission on Media and Public Affairs, who was before and then the Chairman of Senate Commission on Diaspora, Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs).

“I told him that the global NIDO was a rallying dot for most Nigerians in Diaspora who still believe in the country and the powerfulness of the Diaspora to effect positive homeland evolution initiatives and needed reforms.”

Gbandi also cautioned that NIDO was a buffer zone to Nigerians in Diaspora far from organizing themselves along ethnic lines which will termination in ethnic allegiances to the detriment of the country.

He farther appealed to Nigeria regime to halt politicisation of NIDO saying that the organization was existence dragged along ethnic lines which portends danger for the country, whether nil was done to save it.

Gbandi called called on lawmaker to intervene by looking at his appeal for structure of the board with NIDO fully represented on the board, which he maintained was in the Involvement of the country.

“A similar appeal was also made to the
Chairperson, House Commission on Diaspora, that the sad politicization of NIDO had at present given ascension to strong ethnic and regional groupings.

“Recall that NIDO Europe sought legal sentiment from Human Rights lawyer, Femi Falana on the representation of NIDO in NIDCOM’s board, cumulating in a letter of the alphabet written to the President and Secretarial assistant to the Federal Authorities, supporting NIDO Europe’s place”, he concluded.

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