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NEWS UPDATE: 60,000 Olumba’s female priests convoke 1-day spiritual session for Nigeria

NEWS UPDATE: 60,000 Olumba’s female priests convoke 1-day spiritual session for Nigeria

No fewer than 60,000 female priests and worshippers in a spiritual motion founded by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu are congregating in designated centres to observe special prayers for Nigeria.

In Calabar and other cities in Cross River Province, nearly 25,000 have converged to intercede for Nigerian youths and divine guidance of political leaders.

The spiritual exercises are undertaken under the aegis of Universal Women Fellowship headed by Victoria Bassey Imowo.

She told our reporter that their spiritual leader, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu had directed them to embark on the exercises to beseech the Almighty to intervene in the affairs of Nigeria.

“It was on 1st Oct 2021 when Nigeria marked her 61st national independence anniversary that he spoke deeply in relation to the country, remarking in relation to some of her failures and increasing sociopolitical calamities, and called on us to convoke this important spiritual session to preserve the country”, she explained.

She said only their leader knows why he chose only those he called Diamond Daughters to embark on the special spiritual exercise for Nigeria.

Speaking on the country, Olumba Olumba Obu said that Nigeria has not set her priorities right and had ignored the presence of God, which is the reason the country has been plagued by leadership crises, partition and corruption.

“Nigeria must be ready to set her priorities right. She is the richest country in the universe because the Holy Spirit has its abode in her. But upwardly till at present, Nigeria has perpetrated self-inflicted neo-colonialism. And this is to her detriment.

“Permit all Nigerians of all tribes focus on what unites instead of on what divides them.

“Permit the strong in Nigeria be just and secure the weak, so that peace may be preserved.”

The spiritual leader also spoke on how religions have wreaked havoc on and separated the country, adding also that religion has proven to be an obstruction.

He called on Nigeria to go through the physical process of inner renewal as religion cannot reach that, and cautioned those using religions to dislocate the country to beware as God of Justice and Powerfulness is really much alive.

“Whether I may enquire, what’s Nigeria doing with unusual gods? The consistent worship of such is the bane of the country. It is the Holy Spirit that has the spiritual audacity to modify the failing fortunes of Nigeria..”

Olumba Olumba insists Nigeria will not divide, says agitators are doomed

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