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NEWS UPDATE: 2023: Unite among yourselves to produce Oyo’s next governor – Oke Ogun indigenes tell politicians

NEWS UPDATE: 2023: Unite among yourselves to produce Oyo’s next governor – Oke Ogun indigenes tell politicians

Indigenes of the Oke Ogun geo-political zone in Oyo Province have advised politicians from the zone to unite amidst themselves to ensure that the zone produces the next governor of the province.

They famous that this is essential in tell to ensure that the agitation for governor from the zone comes to reality.

Our correspondent recalls that the zone which has10 out of 33 local regime areas is yet to create the governor of the province since the creation of the province in 1976.

The indigenes of the zone have notwithstanding advised politicians from the zone to rally around themselves, unite and speak with one vox in tell to ensure that the zone produces the next governor in 2023.

They famous that the zone has prominent individuals, politicians, and political gladiators who are qualified to rule the province in 2023.

They insisted that it is regrettable that the zone has never produced the governor of the province despite the fact that there are many qualified individuals in the area.

The indigenes spoke during the 14th national congress of the National Organization of Saki Elite (NASE) themed “Powerfulness in Unity” held at Saki Town Corridor on Saturday.

Nowadays at the case were Chairman, Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN) also known as Amotekun, Full general Kunle Togun, Master Justice of Oyo Province, Justice Munta Abimbola, representative of the married woman of the Deputy Governor, Professor Amdalat Olaniyan, and Prince Adeyinka Afonja amidst others.

The outgoing President of NASE, Mr. Wale Oladokun who spoke with DAILY POST during the case, insisted that politicians from the zone can only get Governor whether the politicians from the zone unite amidst themselves.

“At the national level, we are clamouring that the president should come up downward to the Due south, the same thing is happening in Oyo Province.

“It cannot be an like shooting fish in a barrel thing, but, we can actualise it, all I can say is to urge our politicians that for us to actualise it, they demand to be united. Under normal circumstances, that is how it should be. Whether our politicians are united, it will be easier.

“Similar I said in my speech, we cannot capture everything. During our tenure, the computer-based centre that was started by our predecessor, we were able to acquire it to the roof level. We also ensured the take-off of the command secondary school in Saki. It was during our tenure that we have an Oba in Saki”.

The newly inaugurated President of the organization, Dr. Amos Aderemi Ayoola, said that the indigenes of the zone would back up a credible candidate from the zone who is ready to get Governor of the Province in 2023.

“Saki Elite is not a political organisation and we have been trying to uphold that. But, it has been for a really long time that we have been advocating for it. It is plenty. We have all that it takes to lay somebody forward that will stand up as Governor in 2023.

“So, I am in totally in back up of us having our possess as Governor in the next dispensation. And we will lend our back up to back up whatsoever dependable, credible and persons with integrity from Oke Ogun who is ready to get Governor of the Province”.

Other speakers at the case advised politicians in the zone to come up together and create the most credible amidst themselves so as to break the jinx in 2023.

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