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NEWS UPDATE: 2023: This is not time for you to win election, don’t contest – Saraki tells Nigerian youths

NEWS UPDATE: 2023: This is not time for you to win election, don’t contest – Saraki tells Nigerian youths

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, a former President of the Nigerian Senate, has told youths nursing the ambition to run in the 2023 presidential election to shelve the thought.

Saraki said it was already too belatedly for such persons to stand up whatsoever chance of winning an election in this country, adding that the system is too stiff.

The former Senate President said he would not fifty-fifty want whatsoever youth with a sound psyche to competition for political offices at this dot because they still possess some good values which would be corrupted before they win whatsoever election.

“You have to give upwardly some good values that you have to be able to be competitive,” the former Kwara Province Governor said at the weekend during an Independence luncheon with various Nigerian youths in Abuja.

“It is too belatedly to win election. I will be rattling honest with you. The Entity is too stiff against you. You are a immature guy, you don’t have money or network where are you going to start from?

“I don’t fifty-fifty want you to [contest] because you still have some good values. I don’t want you to be corrupted because for you to win you have to give upwardly some good values that you have to be able to be competitive.

“We don’t want that because it way your generation will be as poor as ours. Allow’s hold you where you are for at present for those who are not yet corrupted.

“Where I believe you can create a difference which no one can halt you is your a rights to vote. That’s the only role you can play at present in reality.

“We should be asking whether that is guaranteed. That is what we have been advocating for in the electoral bill and it has worked.

“I think what needs to be done at present is that we must participate. Allow me explicate farther, on the daytime of election, whether you seem at the line of people that go out to vote… whether the people coming out to vote are people we can give 100 naira, the election will not stand up. This way we can manipulate. But whether the 500 people lining upwardly are people similar you election will take hold.

“Whether we say we won’t come up out because nil will alter …whether we take that mental attitude, and then they will win. Seem at all over the world where there is large alter, people that made the alter are people similar you. Whether you are not registered to vote, nil will alter. It will be who we want to be Governor, Senator that will be.

“Whether you create upwardly bulk of the electorate fifty-fifty whether they assay to alter the resultant, I know you will not hold because you know your right and the world will stand up with you.

“I think the target at present should be how to mobilize similar psyche to take hold their voters card and vote. Whether that is the sort of voters, and then the resultant will take hold. I hope, whether those are not the sort of voters, and then everyone will assay to manipulate the resultant.

“Until those of you that matter take it upon yourself and enquire what sort of Governor, president, Senator you want, nil can alter.

“When you acquire the right sort of Governor and he knows you have the powerfulness to vote him out, you will have the chance to come up into regime because you would have built a pact.

“The dot at present is, politician don’t believe you can vote them out. Whether they believe you can vote them out, they will do the right things.

“Their possess view is 9 months to election they will percentage the money and win election. Whether they know the vote is not in relation to sharing money they will perform good.

“Cease SARS did not neglect, it showed that the youth can participate and the best shape of participation is through voting.

“I think the world is tired of the job and dangers Nigeria could create. There are 6 million Nigerians that have the right to be in the UK.

“Whether Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan was a job and then Nigeria is a bigger job for the UK. Fifty-fifty for self involvement, it is in the best involvement for UK to work because of the exodus that will go into those places whether it doesn’t.

“The world is with us but we must set in location good governance and the right sort of voters that can do that are people similar yourself. Not those who want N5000. Whether the guy that wants N5000 is to a greater extent than you, and then Nigeria is not going to alter and we won’t have the right sort of leaders.”

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