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NEWS UPDATE: 2023: Nigerians need true national leader, not zoning – CAN Chairman, Hayab

NEWS UPDATE: 2023: Nigerians need true national leader, not zoning – CAN Chairman, Hayab

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, Vice-Chairman, Northern States and FCT of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has thought that Nigerians need a pioneer who can join together and remove individuals from the present monetary hardships and security challenges.

Rev. Hayab, who is likewise the administrator, Kaduna State section of CAN, in a proclamation said, “Nigerians today basically need a pioneer that can get it done, join the country and remove us from our financial misfortunes and Insecurity challenges.”

He noticed that those coming out to discuss the age and district of the following President were simply out to begin a plan that will additionally partition Nigerians and put the country in a more troublesome situation.

We have two governments in Kaduna – Rev. Hayab tells El-Rufai

“Our Association, consequently, wishes to caution the Nation against these undesirable moves and furthermore to engage Nigerians not to permit these childish and egotistical contemplations to darken our thinking,” he advised.

According to Hayab, Nigerians chose pioneers in the past dependent on a portion of those contemplations and it just finished with second thoughts and absence of progress in the country.

He added, “The individuals who have been misdirecting us with these parochial perspectives whenever decisions are around the corners have begun another game which we should all oppose and never give them space.”

“How long should we permit our nation to move to and fro when searching for a certifiable pioneer,” Rev. Hayab asked?

He was of the view that “each resident that genuinely cherishes this nation realizes that Nigerians have endured excessively long and need to sparkle their eyes to have a pioneer that is really nationalistic in all circles of life for the nation to have a feeling of direction.”

He proposed that, “The period of whoever will become Nigeria pioneer ought to never be an issue for banter since Nigerians should never permit anybody that doesn’t have great authority qualifications and ability to be her chief since he is youthful or old yet our anxiety ought to be for us all of us search for a decent and detribalize Nigerian who can battle weakness, stop debasement, make the nation to move forward.”

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