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NEWS DAILY: Gunmen kill 5 in Rivers community

NEWS DAILY: Gunmen kill 5 in Rivers community

Unknown gunmen have reportedly killed 4 immature men including a 32-year-old Lekara Bira in kono Boue community in Khana Local Authorities Area of Rivers Province.

DAILY POST gathered that the unknown gunmen in possession of AK-47 riffles, invaded the community over the weekend, shot at whatsoever immature man on sight, causing inhabitants of the community to relocate to neighbouring villages, leaving the area abandoned.

The kono Boue Public Relations Officer of the Community Evolution Commission, Golden Nwibakpo, who confirmed the incident, lamented over the continued killing in his community.

Nwibakpo also claimed that victims of the onset never belonged to whatsoever cult grouping.

Is his words “Unknown gunmen invaded the Kono Boue community and killed in relation to 4 youths. Our hurting is that this 4 youths were not members of whatsoever known cult grouping. As we speak women children and men are all roaming in relation to the street in Bori and the whole community is abandoned.

“We had before called the attending of the River province authorities in relation to establishing a the police force station there( community) which I think whether done will curb criminal offense”.

The latest killing followed a separate onset in the same community a daytime before, which led to the expiry of a 50-year-old man identified as Nkpa Awolowo.

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Gunmen kill 5 in Rivers community

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