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A comedian and content creator, Kuye Adegoke, aka Egungun, tells FAITH AJAYI about his career as a social media personality

Tell us about your background.

My name is Kuye Oghenevwede Adegoke from Ondo State. I am a Christian, and I was born on March 5, 1995. For my secondary education, I attended Royfield Junior School, and Lagos State Model College, Igbokuta. I eventually graduated from the University of Lagos.

In what way did your childhood influence your current profession?

My childhood and my current profession are two different things because based on my childhood experiences, I don’t think I would be where I am today. However, I am grateful to God for where I am, and also where I am going in the future. To answer your question correctly, my childhood did not influence my profession. As matter of fact, it actually pushed me to work harder, so I could be someone great.

Where did you get your sense of humour from?

I don’t know (smiles).

When did you venture into content creation?

I have been in the business of creating content for a while now; since 2018 to be precise.

What were some of the challenges you faced, especially in the early days?

One of the challenges I faced was when Instagram took my pages down. At different times, four of my accounts with a lot of followers were taken down, and I nearly fell into depression. Also, I did not get any support from anybody when I initially started in the industry.

How were you able to overcome those challenges?

I kept on opening new accounts every time one was deleted. Eventually, the last one stayed. I continued pushing it gradually, and along the line, things started going better, and I started getting support here and there.

Some people are of the opinion that content creators make money from other sources, and that is why they are able to buy luxury properties, such as cars and houses. Would you say the industry is that financially rewarding?

Yes, definitely. With the level of hard work and consistency I put into creating my content, it has been financially rewarding for me.

At what point did you decide to go into comedy and content creation?

It started off with dancing while I was in school. However, I was not seeing any improvement, in terms of money and fame. So, I had to re-strategise, and I started dancing with the popular egungun (masquerade) costume, and that yielded good results.

There are many social media personalities out there. What are the things that differentiate you and your brand from others?

My content is unique because I create my materials in a different way. I also use catchphrases in my videos.

When you decided to go into creating content as a career, how did your family react to it?

My dad did not buy the idea at first, because he is a pastor. But, when I explained things to him, he understood.

What content gave you your first big break?

The first thing that brought me to limelight was the ‘chest dance’. The second one was the egungun costume content, followed by the egungun fish video, which also went viral. Those three contents ‘blew’ up my career at different stages.

When you seemingly interview random people on the street, some people feel you would have told them about the questions beforehand. Is that what you usually do?

Yes, I actually inform them. I do that to avoid issues online, or in future. I usually ask for their permission, but there are some content I make without asking for permission. I just go ahead to shoot the video.

You do giveaways regularly. What is the idea behind that?

I do that to promote other brand pages or accounts. I also do it to help and support the needy with my own money.

You recently helped a little boy and his family. How do you get the money/sponsors for such philanthropic acts?

At first, I help with the little I have. Also, I am a big brand, and I believe there are ‘big people’ on my platform, who are watching what I do. Such people render assistance without me asking them to. For some people, I reach out to them one-on-one.

What is the most embarrassing experience you have had while shooting videos on the street?

One constant issue is with street boys (louts) and their demand for money all the time. I find it embarrassing.

How do you know the right person to approach when making content? What are the things you look out for before walking up to a person?

I ‘target’ people according to the type of content I plan on shooting. If I want to ask ‘rugged’ questions, I would have to go to the street and scout for people who look rugged, so they can give me the kind of answers I want.

Who are the people that inspire you in the industry?

I am an inspiration to myself, because I feel nobody makes the kind of content I do. If I notice that a particular theme is out there, I would switch to something else; just like music artistes do. It is the same body and name, but with different content.

In what way has comedy/content creation helped you in creating opportunities that you ordinarily might not have had?

Content creation on social media has made it possible for me to connect with a lot of big people, and network with them.

Your videos are perceived as indecent because of the kind of questions you ask and the people you feature. It has also been said that your questions are never about serious things.

That is a lie. I create different types of content. I have those that are ‘decent’ and those that can be classified as indecent. There are many of my videos that people can learn from; as well those where I help the needy. My content shouldn’t be perceived as being indecent alone.

Have you ever asked a lady questions, and her boyfriend appears in the process, thinks you are trying to woo her and cause trouble?

That is not possible, because I always take permission before shooting. Even if I cannot take permission at that particular time, I don’t ask questions that could lead to violence.

How do you handle female fans that come to you? At what point do you draw the line?

I made it known that I have a fiancée. For those who don’t respect that, I put them in their place.

What other areas of interest are you looking to venture into, perhaps in the future?

I am still thinking about that and working towards it. When I am fully ready, I will disclose it. I will make it known to my fans and everybody else.

The competition among content creators is getting fiercer. How do you handle the pressure?

I don’t feel any pressure. I always say that I am the only ‘Egungun of Lagos’. I am unique, so I don’t think I can be pressured. I can only be encouraged to do more. If I see some colleagues doing more than I do, I would put in even more work.

Is your fiancee okay with the kind of content you create, especially the ones that have to do with semi-nude ladies?

I am not married yet, but I am blessed with the kind of fiancee I have. She understands me so well. She is even the one who ‘shoot’ and edits most of my videos. However, in some instances, I explain certain things to her, and she understands without pressure.

How do you balance your career and personal life?

Before now, it was quite hard for me to do, because people would come online and say negative things about me, just because they saw me on their streets. Meanwhile, others would request for money every time they meet me on the street.  I had to balance things, and it’s only the second one (people asking for money) that is still happening.

How do you like to dress?

I dress how I want to be addressed. Also, I mostly dressed in what I feel comfortable in. If I want to be casual, I would wear shorts; while for official engagements, I love wearing native or luxury outfits.

How do you unwind?

I relax by going on a vacation or spending time in a private space with my fiancée and friends.

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