Life is not easy as a beginner will think because it take more to understand life especially for someone to be a star it require more work just like what Abraham Lincoln will assert that you have to learn how to fight through the life challenge before you can be a star

Before you can be like a rose, you must fight it out in life

Now, let us understand the concept of Star in this writeup because some if not many believe a star must have a story to tell, story that might seem unrealistic to the ear but can be easily done by those that have vision of becoming a star…you can so much as you think you can.

However, you’ll never accomplish more; if you are afraid of yourself, young men, there’s little for you in store as a star, for failure comes from the inside first, it’s there if we only knew it, And you can win , though you face the worst, if you feel that you’re going to do it

Winners never quite and quiters never will, you must fight tirelessly and enthusiastically with the tumultuous wind of life..

Success is not determine by your background

Your background those not determined your success, it can only catapult you into hardtime but that doesn’t limited your success.

Let me draw a biblical illustration of John the Baptist who was given birth at old age by his parents, he grew up in the wilderness not to joke or play but to get prepare… people find way to the wilderness to met him…no matter that wilderness of life can stop his purpose…are you thinking what am thinking..what can stop you?….your success lies in your determination, hardworking, optimism, discipline and prayer.

To be continue later in part 2 in some days time.

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  1. […] For we are not fighting against the flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly place “. That means you can’t just sleep and wake up and be a star…you have to wake up that be at alert to be successful and to fulfill God’s promises for your life. this article was tag life of a star […]

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