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WTS Energy

Job title: Senior Reservoir Engineer

Company: WTS Energy

Job description: Available position:

Senior Reservoir Engineer (Contract)



Position Overview:

The job of the Senior RE is to convey quality examinations, mentor and tutor more youthful REs, take an interest as an individual from Subsurface groups to help field advancement arranging through careful comprehension of applicable Reservoir designing information and utilizing same to assemble mathematical repository reproduction models of an Asset, prescribe and champion pilots execution prompting the upgrade of the (*’s) oil and gas recuperation and benefits in like manner. The officeholder is required to show abilities in organize of center regions in Reservoir designing and be an autonomous giver in multi-disciplinary groups accused of recognizable proof of Company improvement openings and production advancement contemplates. He/She will likewise have essential duty to foster more youthful REs through hands on preparing and sharing of best practices.production Â

Key accountabilities: * Work in a coordinated examination group/resource advancement group where he/she can use his/her experience to create quality investigations and field improvement plans. Make RE contribution to and arrange field advancement arranging and incorporated field considers. The necessary specialized work will include yet not restricted to dynamic displaying, great/supply execution audits, improvement choices assessment and financial aspects. Scattering of best practices and arrangement of direction to less experienced colleagues.

Directs and partakes in well observation exercises (MER, BHP and so on), and supply definition and conduct expectation of appointed repositories or fields.

  • Conducts traditional repository designing and recreation studies to recognize ideal recuperation and field advancement alternatives, changes supply improvement plans in light of changes in well and supply execution. Should have insight in well test plan and understanding, material equilibrium displaying and execution demonstrating of vertical and level wells.
  • Be acquainted with different oil recuperation upgrade methods (water flood, gas infusion, gas lift and so forth) Directs, archives and presents, field surveys, and further advancement proposals.
  • Monitors
  • from existing fields, examinations every single pertinent datum, and guarantees that supplies are in effect appropriately oversaw, production is amplified and recuperations are ideal. To build up supply the board methodologies where they don’t exist, and refresh them where they do.productionParticipates firmly in characterizing the extension and content of repository examines used to help with deciding admirably conduct and ideal recuperation techniques. Incorporates, setting up program details, auditing accessible assets, getting ready delicate archives, inspecting and assessing offers and observing investigation group performance.
  • Provides appraisals of oil and gas assets by directing yearly holds assessment, arrangement, and reserving for the relegated resources, and record the report in a proper configuration. i.e Annual Review of Petroleum Reserves (ARPR).
  • Prepares itemized medium and long haul
  • estimates for the resource spending arranging cycle.productionPrepares
  • testing proposition and gives rules to execution. Assesses and deciphers results, suggests ideal strategies for execution observing. Should have insight in supply pressure and liquid inspecting, liquid property displaying, standard and extraordinary center analysis.productionPossesses working information on gas condensate repository frameworks just as gas field advancement experience.
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Minimum Qualification:

As a Snr Reservoir Engineer, should have an expansive comprehension of other E&P disciplines and abilities in all key repository designing strengths. A college certificate in Engineering or identical with 7 – 11 years significant experience, including at least 6 years RE work insight in a working organization. Abilities in the following:

  • RE Data Acquisition and Data Management
  • Reservoir Simulation Model Construction
  • Knowledgeable in displaying work processes including QC, and taking Earth Model to dynamic Model
  • Analytical Reservoir Modeling (Material Balance analysis,â DCA , PTA, BHP, and so on )
  • Reserves estimation and classification
  • Well Modeling and Performance
  • Production System Optimization
  • Waterflood and Gas Injection Management
  • â Well/Reservoir Surveillance – information securing, examination and Interpretation
  • Well Planning and Execution inside the setting of multi-disciplinary team
  • HSE contemplations in well administration and finishing operations
  • Knowledge in well conveyance Operation and well Evaluation
  • Field improvement arranging and co-ordination
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Production Operation
  • Working information on monetary assessment, hazard appraisal and long reach planning.
  • Very great information on English Language
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Expected salary

: Lagos, Lagos State

Job date
: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 22:02:46 GMT