Partnership, Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Manager

Plan International

Job title: Partnership, Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Manager

Company: Plan International

Job description: Working along with youngsters, youngsters, allies and accomplices, we make progress toward a simply world, handling the main drivers of the difficulties young ladies and weak kids face. We have been fabricating incredible associations for kids for more than 80 years and are currently dynamic in excess of 70 nations, driving changes practically speaking and strategy at neighborhood, public and worldwide levels utilizing our range, insight and information. Plan International is enrolled in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Deadline for application accommodation: thirteenth August, 2021.

Location: Abuja

Role Purpose

The motivation behind this job is to design, sort out, lead, facilitate, backing and control endeavors and assets with the mean to construct and keep up with vital connections including common society, government, private area and improvement accomplices and people that will fortify Plan International key presence in the nation and prepare fundamental assets for program and strategy impacting. While this job sits in the Partnership and Resource Mobilization group, it will work intimately with the Policy Research and Influencing Manager in making fundamental collaboration and saddling important assets for conveyance. It is an innovative method of perceiving asset preparation as a significant backing and impacting exertion, and affecting as an instrument for asset mobilisation.

Dimensions of the Role

The Partnership, Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Manager is answerable for the everyday administration of Plan Nigeria asset assembly endeavors; works with the organization and affecting units to fabricate and oversee key association, and advance approaches and laws that favors generosity and resourcing for kids and young ladies; conveys generally inside Plan International Nigeria, with accomplices and related government institutions.

The position holder will contribute in the turn of events, execution and intermittent audit of strategy and responsibility, characterizing powerful strategies and association techniques, and affecting ventures’ plan and exercises, commitment with expansive scope of partners, backing to activities’ monetary and managerial administration cycles, conventions and frameworks, including recognized danger elements.

He/she will give expert exhortation on asset activation, organization and promotion issues in Nigeria; and backing in building accomplices’ and staff abilities. This job requires the capacity to produce and dissect information, and impart discoveries to the comprehension of a more extensive crowd; requires innovativeness and advancement while being reasonable and commonsense; and calls for being proactive recorded as a hard copy proposition, getting ready spending plans, and working with others to acquire agreement on a program approach.


Partnership Development:

  • Continually completes vital organization planning, ID, the shared examination, and hazard task of possible vital accomplices for viable and fruitful association relationships.
  • Facilitates compelling arrangement, improvement, fitting marking and the board of organization concurrence with key accomplices and Plan International Nigeria.
  • Builds and oversees associations with vital accomplices (counting foundations) at various levels, flow and likely funders to help the nation program execution and growth.
  • Supports in doing yearly organization audits for further developed relationship and powerful accomplishment of the organization objectives.
  • Promotes and guarantees Plan International association standards, qualities and principles are perceived and applied in Plan International Nigeria organization relationships.
  • Supports in the activation of vital accomplices towards a more prominent voice on issues influencing the privileges of youngsters, especially the young lady and sexual orientation equality.
  • Works with the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of Plan International to catch learning in the compassionate and advancement programs for information creation, and effect spread for the preparation of monetary and non-monetary help for country program.

Advocacy and Influencing:

  • Collaborates with the Policy Research and Influencing Manager to create and do affecting techniques that convince givers, establishments, philanthropies, and people to contribute energetically their monetary and non-monetary assets for the privileges of kids, young ladies and young ladies in Nigeria.
  • Produce a wide scope of top notch composed yields for different crowds including top caliber, all around designated research reports, strategy briefings, key messages, websites and different yields fully intent on instructing and impacting partners for asset mobilization.
  • Foster solid connections and work intimately with the Policy Research and Influencing Manager and outside partners in strategy and impacting work to stay informed concerning key strategy changes and important outer issues that would require the assembly of help for the change Plan International Nigeria intends to achieve.
  • Proactively draw in on an essential premise with institutional givers to work with specialized program trades, impact strategy and thinking, and recognize key spaces of likely participation, including program funding.

Resource Mobilization

  • Lead the turn of events and execution of gathering pledges system to meet the essential prerequisites of the Country Programme.
  • Provide counsel on institutional benefactor necessities and private establishments including detailing idealness and expectations.
  • Support proposition advancement through organizing the foundation of proposition improvement working gatherings with agents from key divisions (on as need bases) inside the CP and guarantee key activities are appointed and practicality maintained.
  • Depending on the idea of the subsidizing openings, draft recommendations and idea notes.
  • Advice the Country Office on potential financing openings and contributor priorities.
  • Establish and keep up with normal contacts with offices as proper, covering a particular arrangement of givers to be settled upon. This involves adding to keeping up with networks and effectively captivating in information sharing, data spread on the Plan International Nigeria.
  • Help get ready and partake in inside/outer gatherings with givers topical gatherings and related asset activation events.
  • Support the assistance of the arrangement and consenting to of new subsidizing arrangements, working in close coordinated effort with the Grant Unit.
  • Maintain exceptional information on benefactor subsidized ventures and guarantee announcing is finished to the contributor in an ideal manner.
  • Support with the drafting of outside reports and work with program groups to conclude these as per necessities and timelines.
  • Lead on the making of items, bundled and situated to draw in and secure expanded assets for Plan International Nigeria.
  • Drive enhancements in new business advancement and raising money rehearses across Plan Nigeria
  • Build and keep up with associations with Plan Nigeria’s organization accomplices, givers and outer accomplices, common society partners and give applicable, viable and ideal help to all current and new givers and partners.
  • Support the Director of Partnership and business advancement to assemble solid outer organization and portrayal through commitment in financing associations and backing opportunities.

Team Management:

  • Manage and co-ordinate all the division work, guaranteeing right, full straightforward and responsible monetary, regulatory and functional techniques are followed.
  • Manage Staff execution and give ordinary criticism to staff remembering assistants and volunteers for their performance.
  • Liaise with different groups to acquire info and backing for crafted by your team.
  • Ensure all obtainment is as per Plan International and contributor guidelines.
  • Submit all interior advancement reports (month to month, quarterly) in a convenient Manner.

Technical mastery, abilities and knowledge


  • A graduate of any friendly investigations discipline, ideally post-graduate (expert’s or more serious level) in an advancement examines – practicing on improvement related discipline.
  • Have no less than 7 years’ experience working in the area, including field and the board experience.
  • Advanced experience in organization development.
  • Strong information on kid and ladies’ privileges and sexual orientation justice.
  • Strong proof of impacting choice and strategy creators, and facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Proven record of achievement of administration inside a worldwide organization
  • Compelling powerhouse and communicator – ready to move, construct agreement and unite individuals around a typical agenda.
  • Experience with an assorted arrangement of partners at all levels of an organization.
  • Project the executives and award advancement experience.
  • Demonstrated aptitude in planning, carrying out, and checking programs
  • Demonstrated critical thinking abilities, cooperation experience, inventiveness and eagerness to innovate.
  • Experience in drafting project detailing and observing undertaking progress.
  • Experience of overseeing individuals and capacity to fabricate, create and rouse a high performing group, focusing on compelling cross hierarchical filling in as a vital component of high performance.
  • Experience of overseeing financial plans and arranging and revealing protocols.


  • Uses proof based outcomes to settle on decisions and drive change.
  • Taking drive to be imaginative and inventive to accomplish results.
  • Strives for quality in all he/she does, regarding cutoff times, working ceaselessly to further develop performance.
  • Takes obligation regarding his/her activities, and gain from progress and failures.
  • Uses assets as proposed, and can acc
Job Location