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Job title: Customer Service/ Loan Officer Job at Lighting Finance Technology Nigeria Limited

Company: Lighting Finance Technology Nigeria Limited

Job description: Lighting Finance Technology Nigeria Limited is an innovative Online based organization in the business of giving out Loans and Credit facilities to deserving applicants that meet requirements for such loans via our Applications.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Position: Customer Service/ Loan Officer

Job Location: Oregun / Ikeja – Lagos

Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

  • Consumer loan officers work directly with customers to help them secure credit and financing for a variety of applications.
  • The consumer loan officer helps customers through the application process, from the initial paperwork to gathering necessary financial information and documents and enrolling in payment plans.
  • While this category can include mortgage officers, it also includes roles that do not include as much preparation and licensure, such as loan officers who work for automobile dealers or those who work within a bank’s consumer lending department.
  • Consumer loan officers follow a code of ethics to ensure that consumers can reasonably pay back loans and that they fully understand loan terms.

Duties and Responsibilities

While the specific duties of a consumer loan officer depend on the setting in which they work, most share several responsibilities across industries:

Process Loan Applications:

  • The consumer loan officer’s primary duty is working with customers to process loan applications and help them secure financing.
  • This process begins with an initial interview in which the consumer loan officer gathers basic information related to the applicant and the type of loan and amount they are seeking.
  • The consumer loan officer then provides support throughout the loan process.

Gather Consumer Financial Data:

  • Another central duty of the consumer loan officer is gathering financial data to support approval of or reject decisions.
  • This typically involves verifying consumer information, such as employment records and bank account holdings, along with conducting in-depth research related to the applicant’s creditworthiness by pulling credit reports and verifying a history of on-time payments.

Establish Payment Plans:

  • Consumer loan officers frequently work with customers to establish payment plans as part of the loan application and approval process.
  • These plans break loans into manageable amounts and may also provide the customer with some flexibility regarding prepayment or temporary deferment. Some loan officers may also assist customers with setting up automated payments.

Maintain Approval and Rejection Records:

  • For each loan approval and rejection, the consumer loan officer maintains thorough records that might detail reasons for rejection, approval terms, and customer data that show why they decided on certain loan elements.
  • This ensures compliance with lending guidelines, while also providing a record of the approval or rejection process if the customer has questions about the consumer loan officer’s reasoning or determinations. Additionally, the consumer loan officer’s superiors may request justifications for an approval or denial.

Manage Account Data:

  • Consumer loan officers also work with other banking professionals to maintain and update customer account data that can affect loan options and payments. For example, a customer’s income may change, or credit score may increase, making them eligible for larger loans at more competitive rates. While bank clerks may handle the data entry, the consumer loan officer ensures that it is correct and timely.

Conduct Customer Outreach and Support:

  • Marketing, support, and outreach are all central to the consumer loan officer’s role. Before, during, and after the loan application process, consumer loan officers use a variety of methods to reach out to potential customers and provide information on loan products and procedures, ensuring they have a positive borrowing experience, that they return to the loan officer for future loans, and that they refer their associates to the same financial institution.


  • Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s Degree with 1 – 2 years of experience.

Expected salary: 45000 – 85000 per month

Location: Ikeja, Lagos State

Job date: Sat, 13 May 2023 23:57:02 GMT


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