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Job title: E T Consultant (private area/business analyst)

Company: World Bank

Job description: Do you need to assemble a profession that is really advantageous? The World Bank Group is perhaps the biggest wellspring of financing and information for agricultural nations; a remarkable worldwide association of five organizations devoted to finishing outrageous destitution and advancing shared success. With 189 part nations and in excess of 120 workplaces around the world, we work with public and private area accomplices, putting resources into notable undertakings and utilizing information, examination, and innovation to foster answers for the most earnest worldwide difficulties. For more data, visit .

Western and Central Africa (AFW) Region

We need the best and most brilliant ability zeroed in on Sub-Saharan African nations to outfit the potential and advancement occurring across the mainland. Africa is a landmass moving, with a youthful populace and a developing business sector of almost 1.2bn individuals. We are focused on making the Africa local groups into driving development hubs.

Yet, these tremendous open doors are tempered by constant holes in training, wellbeing, and abilities, which have Africa just arriving at a little less than half of its assessed potential. Besides, struggle, food instability, populace development, and the troublesome powers of environmental change take steps to abridge or even opposite the advancement that has been made over the past decades.

In West and Central Africa, the World Bank is a main cooperate with a developing arrangement of 350 tasks adding up to more than $38 billion in regions like horticulture, exchange and transport, energy, schooling, wellbeing, water and sterilization all to help work creation, sex correspondence, destitution decrease, and better lives. Across the mainland, the World Bank’s program has almost multiplied throughout the most recent 10 years. By 2030, about 87% of the world’s outrageous poor are projected to live in Sub-Saharan Africa, so this is the place where our main goal to end outrageous destitution and to advance shared success will be achieved.

Are you prepared to have an effect? We are searching for devoted experts to join our creative and assorted group to improve individuals’ lives and help nations work back better after COVID.

Western and Central Africa (AFW) Region:


Western and Central Africa

Western and Central Africa is an area with different societies, convictions, dialects, and ways of life – set apart by differentiations of security and struggle; riches and neediness. Home to about a large portion of a billion group, it includes 22 nations extending from the westernmost mark of Africa across the equator and incompletely along the Atlantic Ocean to the Republic of Congo in the South. The sub-area is wealthy in assets and overflowing of chances. It gained great headway in provincial collaboration and incorporates two money related associations – the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) that cover 13 nations between them.

Yet these tremendous open doors are tempered by relentless holes in instruction, wellbeing, and abilities, which have Africa just arriving at a little less than half of its assessed potential. Also, struggle, food frailty, populace development, and the troublesome powers of environmental change take steps to abridge or even converse the advancement that has been made over the previous many years. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken back to the bleeding edge the dangers presented by feeble wellbeing frameworks and helpless observation. Numerous nations in the locale that took in troublesome exercises from the West Africa Ebola flare-up in 2014 are applying a portion of the exercises and utilizing every current instrument and ability to control the pandemic while focusing on the least fortunate and most defenseless people.

The World Bank Western and Central Africa Region, involved around 1,139 staff for the most part situated in around 22 nation workplaces, is focused on assisting nations with understanding their impressive improvement potential and become more aggressive in the worldwide economy by zeroing in on the accompanying needs:

  • Creating Jobs and Transforming Economies: We are working with nations across Africa to animate occupation creation and monetary change by utilizing all wellsprings of money, aptitude, and answers for advance investment.
  • Building up the Digital Economy: We are supporting Africa’s vision to guarantee that each African individual, business, and government is associated by 2030.
  • Institutions more Efficient and Accountable: Our help is assisting governments with fortifying public arrangement measures, oversee assets successfully, and build up reasonable and solid conveyance of public services.
  • Investing in People: We are at the bleeding edge of aiding African nations speed up human resources gains and engage ladies by improving their admittance to training and abilities obtaining, sexual and regenerative wellbeing administrations, and work opportunities.
  • Supporting Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption: despite expanding environment related dangers, we are working with African nations to propel endeavors to receive environmentally friendly power, environment keen farming, and green infrastructure.
  • Addressing the Drivers of Fragility, Conflict and Violence: Given the cross-line nature of contentions in Africa, we are utilizing a methodology that at the same time centers around the drivers of delicacy while additionally supporting very much designated territorial drives to set out open doors for harmony and shared prosperity.
  • Building Partnerships and Working across the African Continent: We are increasing our work on local combination, taking a comprehensive perspective on the landmass that covers both North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The World Bank is a devoted accomplice for Western and Central African nations, assisting them with conveying solid improvement results for their kin. A more promising time to come for the district is a superior future for the world.

Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions Practice Group

Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions (EFI) Practice Group (PG) upholds monetary strategies and legitimate, administrative and institutional changes to empower evenhanded and reasonable development and to decrease poverty.

The Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice

The Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation (FCI) Global Practice consolidates aptitude in the monetary area with skill in private area advancement to encourage private-area drove development and help make markets in customer nations. For more information:

Poverty has no boundaries, neither does greatness. We succeed due to our disparities and we persistently look for qualified people with different foundations from around the globe.

Job obligations and responsibilities

The ETC will fill in as key colleague by contributing straightforwardly to the general nature of the ventures (loaning and non-lending).

Duties: Include, yet are not restricted to, the accompanying principle errands:

  • Support to Bank tasks. Take an interest as colleague of bank tasks on a case by case basis, attempting to plan project documentation, backing to pipeline and existing operations.
  • Providing insightful help. Counting add to investigate, monetary and information examination, monetary demonstrating, partner meeting, lead due ingenuity on monetary and private area issues, give contribution to specialized reports, add to diagnostics, key records. Backing on information scattering through power focuses, dispersal reports and other means.
  • Support the Management of FCI Portfolio: Support project group to guarantee quality, effect and coordination across projects. Routinely screen and work with the gathering of cutoff times on key expectations for shutting exercises/projects (ICR), conveyance of activities ready to go just as normal Implementation Status and Results Reports (ISRs).
  • Other undertakings as mentioned by Practice Manager

Selection Criteria

  • MA +3 years least of significant expert involvement with the spaces of money, business, the board, financial aspects, or related discipline.
  • Demonstrate solid comprehension of monetary procedures, instruments, items, organizations, markets, systems and approaches in an agricultural nation context
  • Demonstrate Strong Analytical abilities, knowledge of firm level Data.
  • Demonstrate solid task the executives abilities, inspiration and capacity to catch on quickly and deliver.
  • Track record of perseverance, exhaustiveness, drive, capacity to help the group meet deadlines.
  • Strong relational abilities including report-composing and planning introductions and specialized notes.
  • Demonstrate solid customer direction and drive for results.

For data about WBG Core Competencies, kindly visit:

Note: The chose applicant will be offered a one-year arrangement, sustainable for an extra one year, at the circumspection of the World Bank Group, and subject to a lifetime most extreme ET Appointment of two years. On the off chance that an ET arrangement closes before an entire year, it is considered as an entire year toward the lifetime most extreme. Previous and current ET staff who have finished all or any part of their second-year ET arrangement are not qualified for future ET appointments.

Poverty has no lines, neither does greatness. We succeed in light of our disparities and we consistently look for qualified people with different foundations from around the globe.

Expected salary:

Location: Abuja, FCT

Job date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:39:27 GMT


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