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Job title: Council Member Engineering – ECOWAS


Job description: Council Member Engineering to be an individual from the ERERA Regulatory Council. The Council Member Engineering, guarantees together with different individuals, the guideline of cross-line power trades, as per the arrangements of Community messages. He will be named on full-time premise and for a non-inexhaustible term of five (5) a long time. Organization/Institution: ERERA Grade: D1 Annual Salary: UA 38,814 � UA 48,222 Reference: ECW-ERERA/REC/PR-D/002/2015 Duration: Five (5) a long time Fixed term non-sustainable Duty Station: Accra, Ghana Duties and Responsibilities The Council Member Engineering is dependable, in addition to other things, for: Participating in the Council�s thoughts. Directing the Council in the improvement of the Council�s Regulations and guaranteeing, specifically, consistence with every one of the specialized norms and identified with the provincial force organization and interconnections l inside the structure of executing its general order of controlling cross-line power trades and resolving questions; Assisting the Chairman of the Regulatory Council in doing his obligations, especially the association, observing and oversight of all ERERA�s exercises, the planning of the yearly report, just as the readiness and execution of ERERA�s financial plan; Supervising the benchmarking of the force area administrators (similar examination of the specialized, monetary and monetary exhibitions of the administrators at the local level and occasional update); Supervising the audit of the ECOWAS energy ground breaking strategy. Directing institutional changes, energy strategies, progression and guideline of the energy area. Follow-up of exercises identified with the improvement of power framework, in the ECOWAS sub-locale. The board and observing of specialized data in the territorial power market. Checking of the reasonability of the local power framework. Improvement of the administrative apparatuses in Member States Development of a local system for natural security and energy productivity. Arrangement of guidelines in the local power market. Compensation notwithstanding the fundamental compensation demonstrated above, Council Member Engineering will get remittances and advantages under ECOWAS Staff Rules and the Regulation identifying with the association and working of ERERA. Capabilities/Experience/Competencies Candidates for the post of Council Member Engineering will be designated based on their ethical trustworthiness and ability. They ought to have effectively stood firm on an administration footing in their past capacities. a) Degrees and Qualifications Candidates should hold a Minimum of Masters� Degree in Electrical/Mechanical or related field. b) Experience: Candidates for this position should have: No under twelve (12) a long time demonstrated proficient involvement with energy especially in guideline or identifying with the origination and the executives of force frameworks. Involvement with the turn of events and the executives of cross line interconnected force organization would be a benefit Experience in an administration position; Experience in an administration position, ideally in an administrative body; No under five (5) a long time insight in group the board, ideally in an administrative limit, inside a global association; Good information on energy strategy issues, specifically power area institutional changes, just as lawful issues identified with cross-line power trades and power market the board. Great information on Community foundations and systems inside the ECOWAS locale, just as demonstrated involvement with the space of power area guideline in Africa. Involvement with global relations and exchanges will be an additional benefit. Capabilities Diplomacy and magnificent relational abilities and capacity to work adequately across authoritative limits; Provide amazing hierarchical and venture the executives abilities, and demonstrated capacity to work with others to oversee and resolve authoritative issues. Capacity to build up and keep up successful working relations with individuals of various public and social foundations concerning variety. Demonstrated compelling composed and oral show abilities, especially capacity to successfully associate with general society, contributor local area, the media, conciliatory missions, government offices, administrative organizations, other public utilities, and monetary and specialized accomplices Demonstrate scientific critical thinking and dynamic; has demonstrated capacity to design, arrange and work in an autonomous way Keep side by side of accessible innovation, comprehend and apply innovation to work of the workplace Good information on political issue in West Africa and of the political systems of the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, and so on With solid insightful and summing up abilities, the competitor should have the option to recognize issues and add to giving arrangements. He should show a feeling of freedom while exhibiting incredible limit with regards to collaboration. Others The Council Member Economist should be a resident of an ECOWAS Member State, practice their common and political rights and will have a perfect criminal record. Age Not restricted Language Must be familiar with one of the authority dialects of the Commission: English, French and Portuguese. A functioning information on another would be a benefit.

Expected salary:

Location: Osun

Job date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 06:55:08 GMT


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