Consultancy for Peace and Conflict Assessment

Christian Blind Mission

Task title: Consultancy for Peace and Dispute Assessment

Company: Christian Blind Objective

Task description: in cooperation with Green Issue for Development (GREENCODE), Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Motion (JPRM), Taimako Neighborhood Development Effort (Taimako-CDI), Gembu Center for HIV/AIDS Advocacy Nigeria (GEECHAN)

Regards To Reference for

Peace and Dispute Assessment * About CBM Christian Blind Objective e.V. (CBM):

CBM is a Christian worldwide development organisation, dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle of individuals with specials needs in the poorest neighborhoods of the world regardless of race, gender or faith. Based upon its core worths and over 100 years of expert know-how, CBM addresses hardship both as a cause and as an effect of special needs and operates in partnership with regional and nationwide civil society organisations to develop an inclusive society for all.

Our approach: Disability-inclusive development is the structure of all our efforts and the crucial style which drives our activities and the impact of our work. Our company believe that this is the most reliable method to bring favorable change to the lives of individuals with specials needs residing in hardship and their neighborhoods. Through our disability-inclusive development approach, we address the barriers that prevent gain access to and involvement and actively look for to make sure the complete involvement of individuals with specials needs as empowered self-advocates in all development and emergency situation action procedures.

CBM remains in process of establishing a project proposal for Transitional Development Support (TDA), anticipating financing from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). TDA bridges the space in between humanitarian help and sustainable development cooperation while likewise adding to peacebuilding. It is created to support impacted individuals and regional structures in getting rid of crises and enhancing their strength. In nations with a greater or intense prospective for dispute escalation, a Peace and Dispute Assessment (PCA) is performed as guideline throughoutproject development * About the Planned Project:

The project will be carried out in cooperation with the 4 regional partner companies Green Issue for Development (GREENCODE), Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation Motion (JPRM), Taimako Neighborhood Development Effort (Taimako-CDI), and Gembu Center for HIV/Aids Advocacy Nigeria (GEECHAN). The project targets at enhancing the strength of susceptible homes in chosen neighborhoods in Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, and Taraba through increased food security, repair of incomes and inclusive fundamental facilities.

Particular results of the project are:

  • Food security of susceptible homes is enhanced through capability-building for sustainable farming self-production
  • Disability-inclusive WASH services in susceptible neighborhoods are brought back and practical through facilities building and empowerment of neighborhood members.
  • The tranquil coexistence of neighborhood members is reinforced through the restoring of regional self-help structures and the combination/ addition of marginalised groups/individuals.

The project looks for to promote a participatory and disability-inclusive approach through its activities. * Peace and Dispute Assessment

The task will utilize the methodological structure of a PCA, a diagnostic tool for a context assessment and for comprehending the contextual challenges.Further, the PCA is a methodological approach for making sure conflict-sensitivity of the preparedproject Last but not least, the PCA is utilized as a system for bringing project stakeholders together to talk about and concur upon a shared understanding of the dispute characteristics to improve the project style in the context of tranquil and inclusive coexistence.

The 4 particular goals of the particular PCA to be performed in the abovementioned context are:

  • Description of the primary elements causing dispute, fragility and violence along with requirements for peace
  • Assessment of the importance of the prepared project to peace and security
  • Recognition, meaning, and assessment of the dangers and the risk management in the context of dispute, fragility, and violence
  • Guidance on keeping an eye on effects and preventing unfavorable effects

In addition to these, an extensive

  • Analysis of the gender characteristics pertinent for the target groups (Gender Analysis)

will be performed.

The outcomes and report of the PCA and Gender Analysis will be shown CBM, the regional partner companies and the donor BMZ and inform theproject proposal * Style, method and deliverables

The task can be performed from another location or partly from another location, due to the COVID-19 scenario.

The PCA consultant/team is anticipated to utilize a varied set of approaches:

  • Desk evaluation *: * The PCA must utilize existing peace and dispute analyses and literature and reference structures for Nigeria any place possible.
  • ( Remote) Interviews *: * Interviews including agents of CBM and the regional partner companies and pertinent stars, such as agents from clusters and other (inter-) nationwide companies operating in Lebanon.
  • ( Remote) Focus group conversations *: * Focus group conversations might include prospective recipients.
  • ( Remote) Analysis workshops: Analysis workshops (context analysis; assessment of importance; dangers and tracking) permit crucial project stakeholders to participate in a participatory dispute analysis process.
  • Assessment report writing: Assessment report (around 20 pages)

The PCA is anticipated to be performed in a disability-inclusive and participatory way, utilizing a gender-sensitive along with conflict-sensitiveapproach * Timeframe

The expected period for the task is 20 days and need to be finished prior to 18.07.2022. * Qualifications

The PCA and gender analysis consultant/ team need to have the following qualifications: * Degree associated to Social Sciences, International Development, Psychosocial or Health associated research studies, or comparable

  • Proven experience with carrying out PCAs and familiarity with the scholastic and policy literature surrounding the causes and repercussions of violent dispute, conflict-sensitivity and do no damage evaluations
  • Exceptional analytical and composing abilities; ability to compose in a structured, lucid, and succinct way, without losing the depth of the compound
  • Experience in participatory approach and assistance abilities are a need to
  • Technical know-how in the field of special needs and inclusive development and ideally in food security, TVET, financial empowerment WASH, MHPSS, catastrophe readiness, and social cohesion in between refugees, returnees, and host neighborhoods in vulnerable settings
  • Tested work experience with NGOs or INGOs and governmental stakeholders
  • Experience in transitional development help and/ or humanitarian help tasks
  • Efficiency in composed and spoken English is necessary, knowledge of regional languages is an asset
  • Work experience in Nigeria is more suitable
  • Proficiency in Kid Safeguarding concepts and gender proficiency are an asset

Confirmation of these qualifications will be based upon the company/ consultancy profile and curriculum vitae of each team member. Prospects are likewise motivated to send other referrals such as research study documents or short articles that show their familiarity with the topic along with their report composing abilities.

The PCA consultant/ team is anticipated to be covered by a medical insurance throughout the time of service under this consultancy. The contracting firms will not presume responsibility for any damage, injury, or loss of life by the PCA consultant/team in the structure of this task.

Kid Safeguarding Policy: As a condition of participating in a consultancy agreement the PCA consultant/team should sign the CBM Kid Safeguarding Policy and follow the terms and conditions thereof.

How to use

Please send the following files; CV with referrals; brief proposal, company profile where relevant (with all pertinent supporting document) and budget detailing the everyday rate, through either hardcopy or soft copy through e-mail utilizing the information listed below:

Paper Copy Submission: The details can be sent out through hardcopy to the CBM International Nation Workplace situated on No. 13 Okemesi Crescent, off Twon Brass Street, Garki 2, Abuja- FCT, Nigeria, in a sealed envelope marked “Consultancy; Gender Analysis and Peace & Dispute Assessment”.


Soft Copy Via Email: Propositions can likewise be sent by e-mail to the following committed, managed, & protected e-mail address: utilizing “Consultancy; Gender Analysis and Peace & Dispute Assessment” as the topic of the e-mail.

Deadline for getting both the hardcopy and soft copy applications is Tuesday, 28th June 2022 by 5:00 pm.

The PCA consultant/team will be under the responsibility of CBM in close cooperation with all 4 partner organisations. The contract of PCA consultant/team will be released by CBM.

Just shortlisted prospects will be gotten in touch with.

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Task date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 22:00:05 GMT

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